16:09:11 <donri> Palmik: data-store is looking good, one things is confusing me though: doesn't seem to support computed indexes? for example if I'm storing a Text, I might want an index for all the word stems in the text, and be able to query on that, without actually storing this in my ADT
16:09:17 <donri> or is it just not yet implemented?
16:11:22 <Palmik> donri, it's implementend in the sense that key can be whatever. So you can have articleKey that would have addition dimension for word stems.
16:11:32 <Palmik> additional
16:13:37 <donri> oh i see. i was looking for a type class similar to Indexable, but looks like you take a (Key KeySpec) as argument to `insert` etc?
16:13:55 <Palmik> Yes, it seems more general.
16:15:24 <donri> cool
16:15:49 <Palmik> I will probably build such interface on top of that as it's probably what most people will need anyway.
16:16:16 <donri> http://trac.haskell.org/haddock/ticket/43#comment:12 causes haddock to fail for data-store :(
16:16:59 <Palmik> Oh, I changed the comments for gadts (the documentation is at palmik.net/data-store for now), but I forhot to push it.
16:18:58 <Palmik> I would liketo find a way to have InsertResult behave in such way that when there in only 1 auto-dimension of type it's a, if there are two it's a :. b, etc., that means get rid of the () at the end.
16:20:37 <donri> this is great stuff! so glad you're working on this
16:21:55 <Palmik> And I'm glad you like it. If you find any problems or have ideas for improvements, let me know.
16:25:35 <Palmik> Hmm, about the :. () in InsertResult. Part of the "Indexable-like" interface could be a function (InsertResult spec -> b) and then insert and lookup could return b instead of the InsertResult spec.
22:44:06 <donri> stepcut: https://github.com/haskell/cabal/commit/48082b90726093298df8559b365ed08805ca6d8f explains why it failed for me but not you; the bug was linux-specific