10:23:33 <KBme> hello
10:23:44 <KBme> does anyone know the status of hamlet with happstack?
10:24:07 <KBme> as far as I can see, the packages is outdated…
15:48:34 <wferi> Hi! I'm building a homepage for own purposes, nothing fancy, starting static, adding some CMS features later.
15:48:41 <wferi> I don't know Happstack.
15:49:07 <HugoDaniel> happstack is great :)
15:49:18 <wferi> I had a look at clckwrks; the advertising sound fun, but couldn't really find out how I should start with it.
15:49:31 <HugoDaniel> i dont know clckwrks
15:49:59 <stepcut> wferi: yeah, clckwrks is still a bit raw
15:50:00 <wferi> neither do I. :) can you point me to some tutorial material?
15:50:16 <stepcut> wferi: in  fact, I am in the process of completely rewriting the way the plugins work
15:50:22 <wferi> or maybe an ordering of source files to check out?
15:51:22 <stepcut> wferi: if you are starting static, what do you need besides something to serve .html files from a directory?
15:51:25 <wferi> hmm, plugins... I probably don't need them right now
15:51:33 <wferi> bug tracker, etc...
15:51:55 <wferi> I'd like theming
15:52:19 <wferi> at least I think that's what I need
15:52:57 <wferi> something like a CMS, so that I can concentrate on the content
15:52:59 <stepcut> wferi: ah.. well clckwrks is what you want then, as it has a bugtracker and themes.. but things will be rough until it reaches 1.0 :-/
15:53:24 <stepcut> wferi: did you see the 'get started' page? http://www.clckwrks.com/c/view-page-slug/3/get-started
15:53:32 <wferi> i can live without a bugtracker for the foreseeable future
15:53:40 <wferi> I managed to start clckwrks
15:53:55 <wferi> I got lost at the "start hacking" part
15:54:24 <stepcut> what are you looking to change?
15:55:33 <wferi> the get started page talks about a database being empty, so there's no content
15:55:43 <wferi> what database is that?
15:55:58 <stepcut> acid-state
15:56:03 <wferi> I guess that should serve the content, right?
15:56:17 <wferi> first I'd like to change that
15:56:24 <wferi> then the theme
15:56:32 <wferi> a banner
15:56:35 <wferi> the menu
15:56:41 <stepcut> yeah, once you have made yourself an admin, you can go to the admin panel and use the 'add page' or 'add post' options to create content
15:56:58 <stepcut> for the theme, you can modify the contents of the clckwrks-theme-yourapp directory
15:58:10 <stepcut> and Theme typically has three modules, Theme.Home, Theme.Page and Theme.Blog, which are used to render different kinds of pages. In general, they share a lot in common, so a typical theme will contain a Theme.Template module that defines the common theme
15:58:54 <wferi> hmm, there was some difficulty about becoming admin... but I'll start fresh and use this info for getting orientation
15:59:07 <wferi> thanks a lot for providing it
15:59:11 <stepcut> k
15:59:23 <wferi> when do you think clckwrks will stabilize?
16:02:26 <stepcut> wferi: good question :) The most disruptive change will be putting in the new plugin architecture. But, that will make the code *way* cleaner. I am hoping to get that done in the next 2-3 weeks.
16:03:17 <wferi> If I go without plugins for now, will I experience much disruption?
16:04:33 <wferi> btw. I feel like an example clckwrks project without plugins would be very usable for starters
16:05:01 <wferi> clckwrks-dot-com is pretty complicated for beginners as-is
16:05:25 <stepcut> right, after the plugins stuff is in, I want to do a starter site that doesn't use any plugins, and has a simple theme built around bootstrap
16:06:01 <wferi> also the static/dynamic decision isn't particularly obvious
16:06:14 <stepcut> we used clckwrks-dot-com as the starting point, because at the time, it was the only app written in clckwrks.
16:06:23 <wferi> that sound like a good idea indeed
16:06:31 <wferi> but what is bootstrap?
16:06:49 <stepcut> http://twitter.github.com/bootstrap/
16:07:11 <wferi> will check that out, I'm on GPRS now...
16:07:47 <stepcut> it is basically a bunch of css, plus some optional javascript, that makes it easier to do grid based layouts
16:08:26 <stepcut> and includes a bunch of elements like pretty buttons, icons, progress bars, pagination, etc
16:08:50 <wferi> got it, thanks
16:10:04 <wferi> is it safe to pull the clckwrks repositories now?
16:10:09 <stepcut> if you are using just clckwrks+theme, I don't expect that the plugins overhaul will cause too much disruption.
16:10:16 <stepcut> yup, pull away
16:10:33 <wferi> k
16:11:15 <stepcut> the plugins overhaul is actually being designed outside of clckwrks itself. I am hoping to make it a standalone thing that you can use in other happstack applications
16:12:26 <stepcut> if you have complaints about certain things that are getting in your way of using clckwrks as a CMS, let me know
16:13:10 <stepcut> fixing those things is the other key focus at the moment. And things that people complain about get fixed sooner :)
16:13:27 <wferi> thanks for the offer, and sure, I will.
16:14:18 <wferi> the Login button clashes into the clckwrks.com banner, then :)
16:14:31 <wferi> and it only flashes white when I mouse into it
16:14:43 <wferi> but I've got to get off the train now
16:15:00 <stepcut> yeah, the clckwrks theme needs to be redone to use bootstrap
16:15:08 <stepcut> as does the happstack.com theme
16:15:24 <wferi> then I'll ignore these, ok
16:15:35 <wferi> thanks for your time, see you later!
16:15:37 <donri> meh not bootstrap!
16:15:49 <wferi> have a nice day/nigt
16:15:51 <wferi> might
16:15:53 <wferi> night
16:15:55 <wferi> oh
16:15:55 <stepcut> wferi: later
16:16:00 <stepcut> donri: well.. something
16:16:04 <donri> :)
16:16:07 <donri> every bootstrap site looks the same
16:16:14 <stepcut> >:(
16:16:28 <donri> at least partly because it gets in the way
16:16:42 <donri> i think http://foundation.zurb.com/ is interesting
16:16:51 <donri> but can't say i've investigated this closely
16:17:22 <stepcut> which is the most popular?
16:17:37 <donri> bootstrap, obviously
16:17:55 <donri> i usually take popularity as an indicator of crappiness ;)
16:18:06 <donri> avoid success at all cost!
16:18:46 <donri> i hear foundation is more flexible, easier to bend to your will
16:19:00 <donri> i like that it uses things like svgs and icon fonts where bootstrap uses pngs
16:22:41 <stepcut> well.. i am inclined to use the 'most familiar' option in the example theme
16:22:52 <stepcut> I can only right so many wrongs at once!
16:23:42 <donri> :)
16:23:55 <donri> you should move it to git while you're at it!
16:24:05 <donri> port it to yesod... ;)
16:24:50 <stepcut> yesod is slowly turning into happstack anyway :p
17:03:16 <stepcut> ok, this time I actually selected some patches before clicking the button, http://hub.darcs.net/stepcut/web-routes/changes
17:06:04 <donri> i thought you already merged those
17:10:15 <stepcut> no.. I didn't  click enough things the first time and then didn't get around to doing it again
17:10:20 <stepcut> until now
17:13:02 <donri> ah
17:13:07 <donri> good to know it works :)
17:13:29 <donri> ACTION is working on generics for safecopy
17:14:18 <donri> aaaaaand it type checks. gonna add a test suite though methinks
17:19:29 <stepcut> nice
18:13:49 <Palmik> donri, the SYB generics of the newer GHC.Generics?
18:13:56 <donri> ghc.generics
18:14:54 <donri> i did web-routes yesterday
18:15:49 <donri> i imagine we could do something for data-store too, for simple indexing of every field as-is?
19:47:47 <Palmik> donri, I only used GHC.Generics for generating function definitions. Can you, for example, generate data type declarations?
19:48:34 <donri> Palmik: don't think so. the main use is basically deriving instances for data types
19:48:49 <donri> so you can construct and deconstruct *values* generically
19:49:03 <Palmik> Yes, that's what I used it for in bson-generic.
21:51:22 <donri> stepcut: for you dear, http://i.qkme.me/3rdv7x.jpg
21:55:10 <stepkut> :)
21:55:41 <stepkut> bah.. he was only half way to space
21:55:57 <donri> (and you can vertically align easy enough in modern browsers)