04:16:54 <dimday> hi. I'm trying to understand Reform. Is there a recommended way to using Reform with Hamlet?  Is following the Reform-Blaze example a good guide? Thanks.
04:36:39 <stepcut> hmm
04:37:23 <stepcut> to use reform with hamlet, we would need a reform-hamlet library I think. Quite doable, but nobody has asked  before.
04:38:32 <stepcut> however, i think it is possible to embed blaze-html inside hamlet, since hamlet itself is ultimately just a wrapper around blaze-html, so perhaps there is some way to use the reform-blaze easily with hamlet
04:48:24 <dimday> yup. that's what I've been thinking. anyway just checking to make sure I didn't miss anything. The reform-blaze seems like the most logical way forward. thanks.
04:51:10 <stepcut> no problem
04:52:03 <stepcut> it would be nice to add explicit support to reform for heist and hamlet, but there are other tasks higher on the priority list at the moment
06:59:12 <chaotic_good> hello can I have the URL of any working happs site? something I can interact with?
07:12:37 <alpounet> happstack's site, for a starter :)
07:12:42 <alpounet> http://happstack.com/
07:12:48 <alpounet> http://clckwrks.com/
07:12:56 <alpounet> http://diagrams.alpmestan.com/
07:13:11 <alpounet> hackage uses happstack too iirc
14:44:46 <sm> http://patch-tag.com
16:08:47 <DerFuehrer> YOU HAVE BEEN RAEPED BY irc.prooops.com
16:16:04 <adnam> :((
16:19:53 <HugoDaniel> raeped ?
16:34:55 <adnam> i don't think we wanna know
19:27:34 <stepcut> at first I was like, many the plugins haddock docs are spotty, and then I realize that I am the plugins maintainer now :-/
19:35:31 <sm> damn! :)
19:41:25 <stepcut> seems that a lot of the unhaddocked functions actually have docs, but they don't start with a -- | so haddock ignores them
19:41:28 <stepcut> I added some |
19:44:56 <stepcut> would be nice to fix it to support ghc 7.6, but I don't have 7.6 installed yet, so I don't even know what is wrong :)
19:45:05 <stepcut> though I did fix a bug regarding directory 1.2
20:27:04 <stepcut> sweet. The new clckwrks plugin architecture just loaded a plugin at runtime :p
20:27:12 <stepcut> though, only proof-of-concept at the moment
20:29:42 <donri> \o/
20:30:35 <stepcut> needs some more cleanup
20:31:03 <stepcut> and I don't have automatic compilation added yet
20:31:31 <stepcut> but, basically, I have an app, and you can pass in the names of the plugins on the command-line
20:31:40 <stepcut> and then it tries to run some routes
20:32:03 <stepcut> now.. I need  good name
20:48:15 <donri> web-plugins not good enough?
21:26:24 <stepcut> no
21:26:30 <stepcut> needs to be sexy like snaplets :)
21:27:19 <stepcut> snaplets by another name would not smell as sweet
21:27:58 <stepcut> like.. if it was called lens-record-state or something
21:32:14 <donri> happlets!
21:32:52 <stepcut> >:(
21:33:13 <stepcut> that doesn't sound like something that is easy and just works
21:34:23 <donri> shameless-selfplug
21:34:58 <stepcut> lolcatlets
21:37:31 <stepcut> o. I should eat.
23:04:06 <sm> happles
23:07:58 <donri> and whoranges?
23:08:30 <stepcut> heh
23:08:39 <sm> snaplets, cracklets and pop-ins
23:08:51 <stepcut> :p
23:09:15 <adnam> the name is the most important part of a project
23:09:24 <adnam> and once we have a name there is no going back
23:16:14 <donri> mishapps, because we have to use that some time
23:16:57 <donri> tots inspires confidence
23:17:05 <sm> heh
23:17:25 <sm> happliances, happlications, happaratuses for enterprise
23:17:38 <sm> gizmos, cogs, parts, hatoms
23:23:58 <adnam> happslelujah
23:29:30 <donri> happenstance
23:35:33 <Entroacceptor> huppsala
23:35:40 <adnam> hapster
23:35:57 <Entroacceptor> hamppster
23:36:52 <Entroacceptor> happles
23:37:01 <Entroacceptor> I really like that
23:37:32 <Entroacceptor> it's not like clckwrks, which really sucks ;)
23:39:25 <sm> web parts
23:39:43 <sm> I guess it's not going to be happstack specific
23:39:57 <Entroacceptor> clckwrk-thingy
23:40:03 <Entroacceptor> springs ;)
23:40:18 <stepcut> clckwrks is awesome
23:40:26 <stepcut> but the web plugins stuff is more general
23:40:27 <Entroacceptor> but the name isn't
23:40:33 <stepcut> the name is great!
23:40:34 <Entroacceptor> in my opinion
23:40:44 <Entroacceptor> and I have made something called tfrtbtcb once :)
23:41:09 <Entroacceptor> (so I should know!)
23:41:14 <sm> ACTION agrs, hrd to rmmbr th splng
23:41:40 <stepcut> well.. all the variants with vowels were already registered
23:47:35 <Entroacceptor> or call it clckwrks-plugins and wait till Lemmih comes around, remakes it way better and gives it a new name