00:56:45 <stepkut> this new web plugins stuff is making clckwrks waaay less complex
00:56:48 <stepkut> as intended :)
04:13:19 <sm> yay simplicity
13:33:30 <Entroacceptor> it does? yay
13:33:55 <Entroacceptor> did you settle on a name? "web plugins stuff" sounds simple, but it's not that catchy
16:20:24 <stepcut> no.. still need a name :)
16:55:43 <sm> weblets
16:56:04 <sm> morning all. is it web-specific ?
22:07:45 <stepkut> one nice thing about the web-plugin library is that it does not depend on any particuler web framework, template library, route system, etc
22:09:46 <stepkut> in fact it only depends on: base, stm, mtl, text, containers, and plugins
22:12:31 <sm> so it's not web-related per se
22:12:41 <sm> how is it different to plugins ?
22:13:44 <sm> maybe it's easy-plugins
22:27:37 <stepkut> it is very much web related
22:28:20 <stepkut> just.. conveniently parameterized