22:48:19 <kxra> any clckwrks folks on here?
22:50:49 <donri> stepcut is the author
22:52:07 <stepcut> kxra: me!
22:52:25 <stepcut> kxra: in fact, I am trying to get a significant new release out this week
22:52:58 <kxra> stepcut: oh! sweet! i was just about to send an email asking about activity
22:53:13 <kxra> also i've been trying to install but can't get dependencies
22:53:45 <stepcut> kxra: hmm. which dependencies?
22:54:33 <kxra> so i get up to step 4 on the get started page
22:54:38 <kxra> let me pastebin the results
22:55:03 <stepcut> k
22:55:41 <kxra> stepcut: http://pastebin.ca/2248035
22:56:09 <stepcut> hmm
22:56:12 <stepcut> what version of ghc?
22:57:52 <stepcut> it looks like uniplate was built against base  < 4.4, however, looking at the cabal file we can see that it has the option to build against base >= 4.4 as well
22:57:59 <stepcut> so this is what I would do
22:58:07 <stepcut> run, ghc-pkg unregister uniplate
22:58:19 <stepcut> that will probably complain that a bunch of other packages will be broken
22:58:44 <stepcut> unregister all those and uniplate (unless you installed uniplate via apt-get or something, in which case you should apt-get remove it)
22:58:51 <kxra> stepcut: ghc-pkg: cannot find package uniplate
22:59:00 <kxra> http://pastebin.ca/2248036
22:59:00 <stepcut> hmm
22:59:12 <kxra> if i install with cabal it says it isn't found
22:59:22 <stepcut> then skip straight to, cabal install uniplate --constraint 'base >= 4.4'
22:59:43 <stepcut> if you do, ghc-pkg list, does uniplate appear anywhere in that list?
22:59:49 <stepcut> perhaps with { } around it ?
23:00:17 <kxra> stepcut: http://pastebin.ca/2248037
23:00:32 <kxra> let me see
23:01:32 <kxra> nope
23:02:12 <stepcut> hmm, even I don't understand that paste error
23:02:16 <stepcut> let's go ask in #hackage
23:03:34 <kxra> stepcut: also, how graphical is clckwrks? as in, will i my friends who use wordpress right now be able to manage OK?
23:03:52 <stepcut> can you run, ghci and then do :set -v and paste those results
23:04:27 <stepcut> kxra: right now.. not really. But clckwrks 3.0, definitely
23:04:51 <kxra> stepcut: ah, what kind of stuff is required to manage a clckwrks site now?
23:05:04 <stepcut> kxra: for the release this week I am fixing the plugins system so that it is waaay cleaner, and so that you can truly one-click install plugins and themes
23:05:13 <kxra> stepcut: are there other haskell projects with similar goals right now?
23:05:51 <stepcut> kxra: right now you have to write some ugly boilerplate code to add new plugins or switch themes.
23:06:21 <kxra> stepcut: well, once plugins and themes are set-- what about just creating and editing pages and blog posts?
23:06:30 <kxra> http://pastebin.ca/2248038
23:06:43 <stepcut> creating and editing pages and blog posts can all be done via the UI
23:07:09 <kxra> stepcut: awesome [=
23:07:24 <kxra> i was trying to find screenshots or screencasts or demos but there were none
23:07:40 <stepcut> kxra: and it will only get better :) clckwrks is targeting existing wordpress users 100%.. we just have a ways to go
23:07:47 <kxra> yeah
23:07:58 <kxra> i hate php, so as awesome as wordpress is...i don't want to use it
23:08:21 <stepcut> yeah, clckwrks is still pretty rough, so we have been focused more on trying to make it 'good enough' to document ;)
23:08:25 <kxra> stepcut: are you AGPL/GPL v3?
23:08:29 <stepcut> BSD3
23:08:34 <kxra> ah, cool
23:09:15 <kxra> stepcut: it seems like this is the only haskell project doing this
23:09:31 <stepcut> yes
23:09:33 <kxra> i originally gave up on my search after not seeing anything useful here http://www.haskell.org/haskellwiki/Web/Content_Management
23:09:45 <stepcut> i should add clckwrks there, thanks!
23:09:48 <kxra> but i guess those pages are in sad shape right now
23:09:51 <kxra> stepcut: cool!
23:09:58 <kxra> yeah, more people should know about this
23:10:05 <kxra> i'm excited about it's existance
23:10:07 <kxra> also...
23:10:16 <kxra> i'm not sure if this is beyond your scope
23:10:17 <stepcut> http://i.imgur.com/OdYxZ.jpg
23:10:45 <kxra> but if clckwrks were to gain OStatus support, you'd have a terrific platform to create a federated Tumblr
23:10:52 <kxra> version 4.0?
23:10:54 <stepcut> nice
23:10:58 <stepcut> sure
23:11:08 <kxra> hah, nice graphic
23:11:31 <kxra> stepcut: that's something i'd throw money at for sure
23:11:51 <kxra> i work for the FSF and we've been experimenting with kickstarter type fundraisers
23:11:56 <kxra> http://mediagoblin.org/pages/campaign.html
23:12:11 <stepcut> kxra: cool.
23:12:47 <stepcut> getting this new plugin system in will help things significantly
23:13:03 <kxra> awesome. and it's looking ready for the next week?
23:13:42 <stepcut> i think so. I have the new code mostly integrated. It really depends how many other things popup
23:13:54 <kxra> i guess my pastebin didn't yield anything helpful?
23:14:04 <kxra> cool, that's exciting
23:15:06 <stepcut> your paste is rather confusing.. it says it can't accept base >= 4.4 becausse it wants base -any, but base -any means any version should be acceptable
23:15:39 <stepcut> run, ghci, type :set -v, and then paste what it shows there
23:16:50 <stepcut> I have 5 or 6 sites running on clckwrks, including some commercial ventures, so I am pretty committed to ongoing development
23:17:24 <stepcut> wordpress drives me nuts.
23:18:01 <stepcut> but, when people ask me how to put up a website.. I don't have anything better to recommend
23:18:23 <stepcut> but, soon!
23:19:10 <kxra> stepcut: ghci and :set -v is the same thing i ran before
23:20:05 <stepcut> oh, sorry, I missed that paste
23:20:28 <stepcut> was discussing two other projects I maintain in other channels
23:20:56 <kxra> no worries
23:21:01 <kxra> what other projects?
23:21:17 <stepcut> ah.. it seems you are using ghc 6.12
23:21:28 <stepcut> we only support ghc 7.0 or higher now (which is still pretty darn old)
23:21:54 <stepcut> 7.0, 7.2, 7.4, and possible 7.6 should all work
23:22:38 <stepcut> we try to support whatever compiler was used in the haskell platform from 18 months ago or newer
23:23:51 <stepcut> the plugins library that is used to do the dynamic loading (but is not specific to clckwrks) and scoutess, which is a haskell specific buildbot style tool.. though it does more than just test builds
23:24:26 <kxra> stepcut: hm. how can i upgrade if cabal and apt won't let me?
23:24:30 <stepcut> https://groups.google.com/forum/?fromgroups=#!topic/scoutess/irizxIdFsX8
23:25:06 <stepcut> using cabal + apt-get is usually a recipe for failure, and is officially unsupported
23:25:38 <stepcut> your best option is to install the haskell platform directly and avoid using apt-get at all for cabal packages
23:26:13 <stepcut> if you are using precise or lucid ,there is also an unofficial apt-get repository that contains clckwrks, all it dependencies, and a bunch of other stuff
23:27:26 <stepcut> if you install just the compiler via apt-get,and everything else via cabal-install that is usually ok too
23:27:32 <stepcut> but, you still need to install ghc >= 7
23:27:47 <kxra> ACTION will investigate
23:27:54 <kxra> i'm using my friend's server
23:28:02 <kxra> which has debian stable i bilieve
23:28:04 <kxra> believe*
23:28:23 <stepcut> unfortunately, Haskell development outpaces the ability of the Debian Haskell Group to keep up to speed. Though they are getting faster and broader in their coverage
23:29:29 <kxra> hm, do you know how to enable the testing repo to do one install, but not switch to the testing repo entirely?
23:30:06 <kxra> like 'sudo yum --enablerepo=updates-testing install PACKAGE' on fedora
23:30:29 <stepcut> no
23:30:47 <stepcut> I would just add the lines to my sources.list install the stuff I want and then comment out the lines
23:31:45 <kxra> k
23:34:24 <stepcut> ok, I gotta clean and make food. I'll be around, but only checking in every few minutes
23:43:23 <kxra> np, thanks for all the help
23:51:15 <kxra> stepcut: found my answer! http://serverfault.com/questions/22414/how-can-i-run-debian-stable-but-install-some-packages-from-testing
23:51:25 <kxra> installing now...crossing fingers
23:51:27 <stepcut> great!