00:00:09 <rlpowell> stepkut: Do you want an updated controlv example too, that works with auth?  If so, where's the repo that has that?
00:02:09 <donri> rlpowell: i think it's all in the same repo http://hub.darcs.net/stepcut/happstack
00:02:44 <donri> controlv is a subdir of foundation http://hub.darcs.net/stepcut/happstack/browse/happstack-foundation/examples
00:09:21 <stepkut> rlpowell: my plan is to have multiple variants of controlv
00:09:38 <stepkut> showing how to add additional functionality onto the base level
00:15:55 <stepkut> rlpowell: in main there is, mapFoundationT (clientSessionToIO undefined) (route r)
00:16:01 <stepkut> that undefined seems suspicious
00:18:01 <stepkut> oh.. wait
00:18:07 <stepkut> that is different
00:18:09 <stepkut> I remember this now
00:18:51 <stepkut> someone else sent a version with support for sessions.. but it is broken
00:28:02 <rlpowell> Yeah, separate issue.
00:28:55 <stepkut> here is darcs in a few lines
00:29:09 <stepkut> darcs get url - gets a repo for the first time
00:29:14 <stepkut> darcs pull -- updates a repo
00:29:33 <stepkut> darcs whatsnew -- shows what it changed in the local directory
00:29:54 <rlpowell> stepkut: The urls you already gave me should be sufficient. :)
00:29:58 <stepkut> k
00:30:03 <rlpowell> I'll see what I can get you over the next few days.
00:30:20 <stepkut> basically, the only commands I ever use are, darcs {get|put|push|pull|whatsnew|changes|record|send}
00:30:44 <stepkut> pretty easy stuff
00:31:02 <rlpowell> *nod*
00:32:09 <donri> darcs add file -- for new files
00:32:15 <stepkut> oh right
00:32:25 <stepkut> and darcs mv
00:36:20 <donri> darcs ob -a -- never do this ;)
00:36:39 <stepkut> :)
00:37:21 <donri> oh, how disappointing/sensible, it only obliterates the head
00:39:54 <donri> oh, it obliterates the most recently pulled patches, of course (used to be called unpull)
01:06:52 <rlpowell> 0.o  My app's binary is 45MiB?
01:06:53 <rlpowell> wow.
01:09:06 <donri> rlpowell: statically linked i think
01:16:13 <donri> plus a ton of inlining
03:21:28 <stepkut> rlpowell: you can use strip to reduce the size a bit
23:38:37 <rlpowell> stepkut: Huh.  So where's happstack-authenticate?
23:38:41 <rlpowell> (which I also had tweaks for)
23:39:06 <stepcut> http://src.seereason.com/happstack-authenticate/
23:39:12 <stepcut> I could move it to hub though
23:39:25 <rlpowell> If you wouldn't mind, yes please.
23:56:20 <donri> why isn't it in the happstack repo
23:56:55 <rlpowell> donri: I assume that's what he's fixing?
23:57:10 <donri> i assumed he was just moving the standalone repo to hub
23:57:50 <stepcut> donri: i dunno
23:58:08 <stepcut> http://hub.darcs.net/stepcut/happstack-authenticate
23:58:12 <donri> i wonder if you can merge separate repos with darcs
23:58:56 <donri> what happens if you just pull from authenticate to happstack? :P
23:59:50 <stepcut> you tell me :)