07:50:34 <stepkut> kxra: it seems the k is the linux machine :)
11:17:48 <failsafe> I am following the crash course and need some help on defining routes. In the cc two routes are created a Home and an Ariticle with an id. But how do I create a route without the id, for example to list all the articles I have. I tried something like "data Sitemap = Home | Article | Article ArticleId deriving...", but the compiler complains that I have multiple declarations of Article.
13:53:24 <adnam> failsafe: Article (Maybe ArticleId)? guessing :)
18:21:53 <kxra> stepkut: damn! i was close
18:21:57 <kxra> =P
18:24:37 <stepkut> ?
22:35:55 <kxra> stepcut: i read you out of context and thought i was wrong about k being the gnu linux machine
22:36:07 <kxra> stepcut: how goes clckwrks alpha 2?
22:36:29 <kxra> or is this v 1.0?
22:38:32 <donri> klckkwrks
22:38:33 <lambdabot> donri: You have 1 new message. '/msg lambdabot @messages' to read it.
22:38:37 <donri> @messages
22:38:37 <lambdabot> nand` asked 12h 9m 13s ago: So is that the key that maps to ‘>>=’? :)
22:40:56 <kxra> klkkwrks
22:41:09 <donri> oops