00:09:38 <rlpowell> stepkut: Did y'all end up moving the darcs repos around?
00:29:34 <stepkut> rlpowell: donri did the test merge, but we have not do it for real
00:31:43 <rlpowell> 'k.
00:43:29 <stepkut> too busy releasing happstack-fay :p
00:51:42 <adnam> \o/
00:52:38 <stepkut> now I am updating clckwrks to the new plugins system
00:57:37 <rlpowell> 15-16:47 <     stepkut> too busy releasing happstack-fay :p -- what does that do?
00:57:58 <stepkut> rlpowell: http://www.happstack.com/c/view-page-slug/15/happstack-fay-acid-state-shared-datatypes-are-awesome
00:59:09 <rlpowell> Cool.
00:59:28 <adnam> rly kwl
00:59:56 <stepkut> :)
01:00:14 <stepkut> trhsx + fay could be pretty cool, IMO
01:00:29 <adnam> think there's a ticket about that O-o
01:00:43 <stepkut> yup
01:00:54 <stepkut> happstack-fay has a little code in that direction, but not enough yet