00:14:03 <kxra> stepkut: "now I am updating clckwrks to the new plugins system"
00:14:10 <stepkut> yup
00:14:11 <kxra> \o/
00:14:19 <stepkut> it's coming along !
00:14:23 <stepkut> no major issues so far
00:14:26 <kxra> on schedule? nice
00:14:37 <kxra> where's the development repo?
00:14:49 <stepkut> on my laptop :-/
00:14:55 <kxra> hah, k
00:15:00 <stepkut> I can push a brunch live tomorrow if you want to see the work in progress
00:15:03 <stepkut> about to go out now
00:15:11 <kxra> so the githup repo is a mirror of your laptop's darcs repo?
00:15:22 <stepkut> the core clckwrks stuff is working, i am now trying to port a plugin to the new architecture
00:15:31 <stepkut> oh
00:15:49 <stepkut> ACTION ponders
00:15:56 <kxra> haha
00:16:18 <stepkut> the dev repo is here, http://src.clckwrks.com/clckwrks/
00:16:24 <stepkut> but it does not contain the work I am currently doing
00:16:29 <stepkut> yet
00:17:40 <kxra> ah, did that use to redirect to github?
00:17:58 <kxra> so i'm assuming there's a new ETA?
00:18:58 <stepkut> there is a github mirror (in theory) of the official darcs repo
00:19:12 <stepkut> I will probably move the official darcs repo to hub.darcs.net now that that exists
00:19:37 <kxra> yeah, that's where i was looking
00:21:15 <kxra> so will clckwrks take a couple extra days?
00:21:28 <kxra> to release
00:25:14 <stepkut> yeah
00:25:20 <stepkut> but it is my #1 priority at the moment
05:32:50 <chaotic_good> hey people
05:32:58 <chaotic_good> hows the happs?
05:33:18 <chaotic_good> seems awesome to run a website without a sql db
05:33:23 <chaotic_good> like a dream come true
07:43:38 <rlpowell> So, when I do a cabal install in the happstack-foundation dir (the darcs version), I get:
07:43:41 <rlpowell> happstack-foundation-0.2.3 (reinstall) changes: lifted-base-0.1.2 -> 0.2
07:43:47 <rlpowell> WHen I do the same in the ControlV dir, I get:
07:43:54 <rlpowell> happstack-foundation-0.2.3 (reinstall) changes: lifted-base-0.2 -> 0.1.2
07:44:05 <rlpowell> I assume I can do something in the ControlV.cabal to fix that?, but I don't know what.
07:52:32 <rlpowell> And if I bump the local version of happstack-foundation, it insists on downloading and installing happstack-foundation-0.2.3   -_-
07:52:36 <rlpowell> I'm missing something
22:43:02 <chaotic_good> hows the happstacking?
22:44:37 <stepkut> chaotic_good: excellent!
22:46:19 <chaotic_good> so hey I am lowly linux admin
22:46:26 <chaotic_good> I see haskell books and happstack docs
22:46:47 <chaotic_good> If I learn both I should be able to get a dyanamic site gogin right?
22:46:55 <chaotic_good> I want to amke a cragslsit or a meetup or a reddit
22:46:59 <chaotic_good> but my own way
22:47:05 <chaotic_good> liek more specific categories
22:51:47 <stepkut> yup
22:58:18 <chaotic_good> :)
22:58:29 <chaotic_good> what hilarious is I never made a website b4
22:58:35 <chaotic_good> no perl no php no java
22:58:52 <chaotic_good> as linux guy I supported them and wow there has got to be better than java esp