00:10:06 <stepkut> :)
00:10:15 <stepkut> starting with Haskell is a fine way to start
00:12:54 <chaotic_good> :)
00:15:38 <alpounet> although maybe you won't be able to value as much how it feels good as if you were a seasonned PHP programmer
00:15:59 <stepkut> :)
00:24:46 <chaotic_good> hm
00:24:59 <chaotic_good> so more fun than even modern php?
00:25:05 <kxra> stepkut: does darcs save timestamps even though they're supposedly irrelevant?
00:25:21 <kxra> i want a darcs backed wiki that supports this https://github.com/jgm/gitit/issues/324
00:27:21 <alpounet> chaotic_good, a lot of errors caught at compile-time, let the types drive the development, short code, very cool concurrency, etc etc
00:34:32 <chaotic_good> :)
00:34:37 <chaotic_good> concurrency is huge
00:35:57 <alpounet> chaotic_good, i've written PHP for a few years, believe me, this is really not comparable
00:36:40 <alpounet> but one of the greatest thing about haskell for me has been how refreshing and challenging it has been to learn it (and to still learn, year after year), and how rewarding it has been
01:00:58 <chaotic_good> :)
01:01:00 <chaotic_good> awesome
02:11:37 <chaotic_good> in the end you are more productive and have more fun with haskell and happstack?
02:44:37 <alpounet> definitely
02:46:57 <luite> hmm
03:16:35 <chaotic_good> :)
03:19:20 <adnam> i was doing TDD like crazy with PHP/JS because i wanted to have robust code, but then i realized haskell does most of that for me
03:20:03 <chaotic_good> whats tdd?
03:20:10 <chaotic_good> <dumb linux architect
03:20:21 <adnam> test driven development, write a test, implement, verify that it works
03:20:39 <chaotic_good> oh
03:20:54 <adnam> still useful in haskell, but you no longer have more test code than implementation :)
03:25:01 <adnam> really telling ATM, i'm writing haskell (fay) bindings for jquery, hey pass an integer, or a list of functions, or pass something completely different and we'll perhaps do something clever with it :(
10:06:23 <luite> adnam: i'm still not 100% convinced though that haskell gives you better productivity for most sites
13:29:50 <adnam> luite: hmm
13:30:26 <adnam> why?