00:41:48 <stepkut> sweet! I now have clckwrks-plugin-bugs working with the new clckwrks
00:42:12 <stepkut> minus one feature, I have not added the preprocessor handling back in yet
00:42:29 <stepkut> after that it should hopefully be smooth sailing
01:50:23 <rlpowell> stepkut: My auth version of ControlV, plus the foundation tweak required for it, is now at http://hub.darcs.net/rlpowell/happstack ; is that sufficient, or is there something like github's pull request?
01:51:07 <rlpowell> (I know this isn't first thing on your plate right now, but I'm currently having to patch happstack-foundation and I just want to know I won't have to forever :)
01:53:25 <stepkut> this patch appears empty, http://hub.darcs.net/rlpowell/happstack/patch/20121119014838-a1d2a
01:53:34 <stepkut> the other two look good
01:57:50 <rlpowell> Shall I record this change? (1/1)  [ynW...], or ? for more options: v
01:57:51 <rlpowell> adddir ./happstack-foundation/examples/ControlVAuth
01:57:56 <rlpowell> ^^ it claims it added the dir.
01:57:59 <rlpowell> And I see the dir in the web UI.
01:58:20 <rlpowell> Now, that dir is just tweaks on the normal ControlV, so if you wanted me to distribute it some other way, I could.
01:58:46 <stepkut> I think you need to add the files too
01:58:59 <stepkut> http://hub.darcs.net/rlpowell/happstack/browse/happstack-foundation/examples/ControlVAuth
01:59:12 <rlpowell> Huh.
01:59:14 <rlpowell> 'k.
01:59:17 <rlpowell> Sorry.
02:00:30 <rlpowell> stepkut: Pushed.
02:16:23 <stepkut> do i need patches to anything else outside of the happstack repo? like happstack-authenticate?
02:24:15 <rlpowell> No.
02:27:05 <stepkut> k
02:27:09 <stepkut> I'll pull that and push it tomorrow
02:27:12 <stepkut> got guests now
02:35:54 <rlpowell> Thanks!
18:54:14 <rlpowell> stepcut: So, it still seems to me like it would be nice to have the login page say "You are logged in. Currently associated wihty our account are foo@gmail.com, baz@gmail.com, and wibble@FaceBook.  would you like to add any auths?", or so.
18:58:09 <rlpowell> I don't know how much work that would be, but given how much work the last h-a change was, I don't really want to get into it unless you find it pretty exciting.