01:08:31 <stepcut> rlpowell: I was thinking the same thing.. eliminating options didn't seem right, but be able to see what options you have already used seems interesting
01:08:53 <stepcut> rlpowell: obviously, we should clarify the details before coding
01:09:26 <rlpowell> Clarify away.  :)
01:09:44 <rlpowell> I can't focus much right now because working, but feel free to get started.
01:09:50 <stepcut> :)
01:09:57 <rlpowell> I'm a crappy designer anyway, but good at following instructions. :)
01:10:05 <stepcut> I still have to finish upgrading clckwrks and stuff :-/
01:10:30 <stepcut> next time I work on happstack-authenticate, the bigger issue is to fix the cookie timeout handling
01:10:51 <rlpowell> *nod*
15:09:42 <fasta> Is there anyone from Sweden here?
15:10:16 <fasta> Is there some Swedish law which says that e-mail sent between certain hours is never processed?
15:11:26 <fasta> It says something like "Brevlådan öppnas under kontorstid (07:30-16:30) varje helgfri måndag till fredag. "
15:15:04 <adnam> sounds like that's when are available and check their inbox, not when you can send them e-mail
15:15:54 <adnam> and no, i've never heard of anyone deleting emails that don't arrive at a certain time :)
15:17:06 <donri> well there are government websites in sweden that have "öppettider"
15:17:27 <donri> really silly and annoying
15:17:58 <adnam> haha yeah
15:18:13 <donri> ah yea skatteverket. i had to wait until early the next day to set up my skattekonto online.
15:18:16 <adnam> probably because they need to restart tomcat during the night :P
15:18:36 <fasta> donri: opening hours?
15:18:53 <fasta> donri: this is incidentally a government agency.
15:19:03 <donri> and that was after i had struggled to set up bankid on an unsupported linux
15:19:09 <donri> they only support 32 bit ubuntu
15:19:22 <donri> and of course the software is closed source binary blobs
15:19:38 <fasta> donri: they need a way to spy on you.
15:19:51 <fasta> donri: it's for your own security ;)
15:20:14 <donri> i tend to think these things are more a matter of ignorance and incompetence than some conspiracy
15:20:31 <adnam> trygghetsrootkit
15:20:48 <fasta> donri: if you really care about security, you would run it on a separate machine on a separate network.
15:21:21 <fasta> There are some blobs that I run without an internet connection.
15:22:03 <fasta> Do you know what also helps? Telling them about your problems with blobs.
15:22:13 <fasta> At least that works for companies of which you are a client.
15:22:21 <fasta> Sometimes they don't even know what they are doing.
15:22:31 <donri> heh
15:22:44 <donri> bankid isn't for companies though
15:22:46 <donri> it's for citizens
15:22:49 <fasta> There are only a few people who understand software.
15:23:24 <donri> and i'm part using it because i have anxiety issues about things like phone calls, so telling them about problems with it is kind of a catch 22 :)
15:23:24 <adnam> tried setting up my bankid on osx, after a few hours i gave up
15:23:56 <fasta> donri: anxiety issues?
15:23:59 <adnam> so i have to boot windows to do my taxes :(
15:24:17 <fasta> donri: can't you just get over them?
15:24:31 <donri> trying, dude
15:24:36 <fasta> donri: it's not like you would die if you would make a mistake.
15:25:02 <adnam> i really don't like phone calls either :( but i'm starting to get used to it
15:25:02 <donri> well, that was a risk before but the meds help combat that risk at least
15:25:05 <fasta> donri: that's a good way to justify not jumping out of a plane, btw.
15:25:25 <donri> not sure what you're getting at
15:26:17 <fasta> Never mind.
15:26:56 <donri> honestly don't know if you're being funny or obnoxious
15:26:56 <fasta> Do you think happs would work with a bunch of relatively unexperienced Haskell programmers, btw?
15:27:06 <fasta> I think it wouldn't.
15:27:06 <donri> sure
15:27:11 <donri> i learned haskell via happstack
15:28:31 <fasta> donri: the reasoning is that you shouldn't be afraid of anything in the first place. You just assign probablities to events in this world and if the risk is acceptable, you just do it.
15:29:05 <donri> that's a very rational line of reasoning. problem is anxiety disorders are by definition irrational.
15:29:16 <fasta> donri: I think nobody likes to fly for example, because there are terrible ways in which you might die, but since the risk is rather low you can still justify it based on that.
15:29:30 <donri> i have no problem with flying what so ever.
15:29:33 <donri> rather like it, really :)
15:29:56 <fasta> Sure, I also find it fun, when everything is working.
15:30:18 <fasta> But that doesn't mean that I would fly with certain airlines.
15:30:35 <donri> fun fact: i flew to the states a few months before 9/11. visited the wtc and everything.
15:31:10 <fasta> donri: fun fact, I had flown on 9/11 the next year.
15:31:27 <fasta> Cheap tickets ;)
15:32:06 <donri> especially seat 13 amarite
15:35:57 <fasta> donri: I was in the 13th wagon, though.
15:37:59 <fasta> Swedish is very easy to read, because if you just speak out the words there is a huge resemblance to my language.
15:38:42 <adnam> fasta: dutch?
15:38:46 <fasta> adnam: yes
15:38:54 <adnam> i just moved to amsterdam from sweden :)
15:39:00 <donri> något att ta fasta på.
15:39:05 <adnam> \o/
15:39:10 <fasta> adnam: to join a tech company?
15:39:20 <adnam> yeah, silk!
15:39:37 <fasta> adnam: is that the 'we do graphs and haskell'-company?
15:39:48 <donri> and he doesn't even get to write any haskell :(
15:39:51 <adnam> hah, right
15:39:54 <fasta> adnam: are they that desperate?
15:39:55 <adnam> donri: i do too!!
15:40:03 <adnam> fasta: ouch :(
15:40:10 <fasta> It's not like NL isn't full of Haskellians.
15:40:25 <adnam> perhaps they wanted the cream of the crop ;)
15:40:39 <fasta> adnam: yeah, keep thinking that ;)
15:40:43 <fasta> \o/
15:41:10 <fasta> Writing graph code in Haskell sounds nice in theory, but it's a really stupid idea.
15:41:34 <fasta> I am sure they will find out in a few years or perhaps that has already been invented.
15:41:43 <fasta> Is there a business model for silk now?
15:42:22 <adnam> pretty sure i can't talk about that :)
15:43:08 <adnam> so are you going to work in sweden then?
15:43:11 <fasta> adnam: I think it's public knowledge, btw.
15:43:39 <fasta> adnam: it's just that I didn't think it was a great business model, but then again I don't know a lot about that particular area.
15:44:04 <fasta> adnam: perhaps they have some special expertise which allows them to see opportunities in that area that I don't see.
15:44:26 <fasta> adnam: that said, I think the application is fairly nice :)
15:44:40 <fasta> Wikipedia also is a nice application, but there is no business model there.
15:44:56 <fasta> Same with Google before ad words.
15:45:46 <adnam> we have people responsible for the business side at least :)
15:47:06 <fasta> adnam: heh, I know a bunch of the people who work for them. Soooo predictable.
20:36:41 <stepkut> rlpowell: what's  wrong with lifted-base 0.2?
20:44:15 <rlpowell> stepkut: Something else in the stack conflicts.
20:44:19 <rlpowell> It simply wouldn't compile.
20:44:25 <stepkut> rlpowell: compiles fine for me
20:44:29 <rlpowell> I can try to get back to that same situation and show you in detail if you like.
20:44:55 <rlpowell> I suspect that you have a particular version of one of the other packages, then, that solves the problem.
20:44:58 <rlpowell> I didn't know how to debug it myself.
20:45:08 <stepkut> I suspect something on your system was already compiled against lifted-base 0.1
20:45:43 <stepkut> anyway, I pulled the other patches, updated the existing ControlV example, and made a new release
20:46:18 <rlpowell> 20-12:48 <     stepkut> I suspect something on your system was already compiled against lifted-base 0.1 -- It was a fresh virthualenv, so while that's certainly possible, whatever it is can't have been that unusual.
20:46:27 <stepkut> hmm
20:46:37 <rlpowell> AFAIK the *only* things I installed were cabal itself, ghc-mod, and happstack.
20:46:51 <rlpowell> Like I said, if you care I can try to recreate.
20:46:56 <rlpowell> 20-12:49 <     stepkut> anyway, I pulled the other patches, updated the existing ControlV example, and made a new release -- Thanks!
20:46:58 <stepkut> sure
20:51:12 <stepcut> thanks for the new example!
20:51:17 <stepcut> and other patches!
20:58:12 <rlpowell> :D
20:58:14 <rlpowell> Happy to help.
20:58:21 <stepcut>  \o/
21:35:31 <chersanya> hi everyone! how to force happstack to serve only requests to a specific domain (hostname)? Now it is listening at all domains on the server
21:36:48 <stepcut> chersanya: use the 'host' guard, http://www.happstack.com/docs/happstack-server-7.0.2/doc/html/happstack-server/Happstack-Server-Routing.html#g:4
21:37:29 <stepcut> assuming you only have 1 ip address for all the domains
21:37:36 <stepcut> if each domain has its own ip there are other choices
21:37:57 <chersanya> oh, I haven't noticed this, thanks!)
21:38:02 <chersanya> yes, the same ip
21:38:03 <stepcut> or, if you are using ngix / apache / etc, on the machine, there are other options as well
21:38:42 <chersanya> now I'm  just trying happstack, on a separate subdomain and without other servers
21:38:53 <stepcut> k
21:39:02 <stepcut> 'host' is the best option for now then
21:39:23 <stepcut> if you want to have multiple domains with servers, then you have to have some sort of reverse proxy, since only on server can listen on port 80 at a time
21:43:46 <chersanya> with host guard it still listens to requests to other domains (however, outputs just error page)
21:45:34 <stepcut> what behavior are you looking for ? All the domains share the same ip/port, so, the only way the server can tell the difference is by looking at the 'host' header in the request. Meaning it has to have gone as far as accepting the request and parsing the headers before it can reject it
21:47:22 <stepcut> for which, 404 is probably the best error
21:47:50 <chersanya> so, to have multiple [sub]domains on the same server, I need to use nginx or smth like this?
21:47:59 <stepcut> yes
21:48:47 <chersanya> ok, I'll try! thanks again
21:49:22 <stepcut> to have multiple [sub]domains on the same server, you run each server on an alternative port, then you have one process (nginx, etc) that listens on port 80, looks for the host in the headers, forwards the request to the appropriate port, and gets the response back, and sends it to the client
21:49:46 <stepcut> obviously, having a process sitting in the middle of things adds extra overhead, but for most sites it is insignificant
21:50:06 <stepcut> the alternative is to have a separate ip address for each domain, and then you can have the server listening to port 80 on *just* that ip
21:51:20 <stepcut> on the happstack side of things, you do not have to do anything special to use the reverse proxying solution, aside from running the server on a port other than port 80.