08:10:34 <donri> this is close to how i've been wanting to do web skinning http://jconniff.github.com/skinner/
09:25:03 <luite> it's "complementary"!
09:29:14 <luite> donri: how do you adjust the foreground colors?
09:32:18 <donri> luite: click the bucket
09:32:54 <donri> it doesn't give you complete control over every color, but that's exactly the point of it
09:33:15 <luite> oh you can only adjust one?
09:33:32 <luite> hm tht is a bit limited
09:34:01 <donri> you can also choose different base schemes
09:34:30 <donri> this is preview stuff though and they intend to add more schemes
09:35:23 <donri> the point is that it computes colors that go well together from a base set
09:36:09 <donri> http://youtu.be/KpyBAQt7hUs
09:36:38 <luite> hm nah will watch later ;p
09:37:24 <donri> you don't have to watch it at all ;)