03:50:14 <stepkut> \o/ http://hackage.haskell.org/package/hsx2hs-0.11.0
04:12:56 <donri> but, the name!
04:36:30 <stepkut> :)
04:38:05 <stepkut> I couldn't argue with the fact that we already have c2hs and hsc2hs
04:38:24 <stepkut> I'm not a fan of the name either, but.. there is a strong precedent
05:20:46 <donri> i guess :)
05:22:06 <donri> btw re io-streams, it seems rather boring to duplicate their work for snap-server? if hyperdrive uses pipes, it does something no other server does... if it's implemented using io-streams can't we just build on the future snap-server?
05:23:26 <stepcut> only if they do it right :)
05:23:58 <donri> well we could get involved in its design early on, it could be a joint project, doesn't even have to be snap-server unless they insist :P
05:24:14 <donri> ...assuming we don't go with pipes that is
05:24:30 <stepcut> classically, they have been completely uninteresting in developing a server that would be good for building happstack on top of
05:24:40 <donri> i guess
05:25:00 <stepcut> plus… I'd have to learn git ;)
05:25:07 <donri> xD
05:25:34 <stepcut> anyway, io-streams vs pipes vs conduits is the least interesting aspect of hyperdrive IMO
05:25:42 <donri> just seems wasted to have two very similar servers
05:25:57 <stepcut> well.. I've always felt that way about snap..
05:26:01 <donri> (mostly i'm hoping that it turns out pipes is a good fit and that we don't use io-streams ;)
05:27:00 <stepcut> I'm for whatever works best
05:27:13 <donri> i think since you can write a web server in a few hundred lines of code, io-streams is appealing because it makes simple and easy exactly what you need for that
05:27:50 <donri> but, maybe pipes doesn't seem like such a good fit because we're not using its powers... like, maybe we can have a very elegantly compositional core :D
05:32:27 <donri> not that i know what that would mean, but maybe we could involve Tekmo in hyperdrive a bit ;)
05:33:23 <stepcut> i send every version of pipes-http-? to tekmo for his comments :)
05:33:24 <donri> don't think he's too interested in web dev, but he seems interested in promoting pipes which hyperdrive could then do :)
05:33:27 <donri> aha
05:35:27 <stepcut> he is also paid to work on the new io-stream's based snap server ;)
05:35:48 <donri> oh they hired him?
05:36:35 <stepcut> to a degree
19:19:35 <adnam> any recommendations for postgresql packages to use with happstack?
19:20:33 <mightybyte> snaplet-postgresql-simple ;)
19:23:09 <adnam> winky wink
20:32:53 <stepcut> adnam: sorry.. I only use acid-state :)