02:11:06 <alpounet> http://stackoverflow.com/questions/13924273/happstack-middleware-lack
14:12:15 <donri> stepcut: http://osdir.com/Article11308.phtml time to move hsp to html5? :)
14:32:46 <Entroacceptor> nice
14:42:40 <adnam> i thought they were done long ago ;o
19:54:12 <edwardk> stepcut: my toy ixset replacement is coming along. you can now do nested grouping for querying, insertion, deletion. i'll be adding filtering shortly
19:54:58 <edwardk> i even got it to work without constraints for empty and foldable so you can toList it, etc.
19:55:16 <edwardk> and you can foldr over a relation
19:56:05 <donri> coolness!
19:56:24 <edwardk> http://hpaste.org/79442 is the state from when i went to bed
19:56:57 <edwardk> i told stepcut i'd set up a build bot and point it here when i got it far enough along to treat it like a repo rather than a source file, its getting pretty close
19:57:24 <edwardk> donri: you can use a traversal to edit rows in a database table ;)
19:58:35 <edwardk> 'm trying to get 'having' to work in such a way that you can nest having clauses and that edits to the result set find their way back to the source table
20:06:09 <stepcut> edwardk: awesome!