00:25:44 <edwardk> added hash map and int map support for candidate, supplemented and inverted indices. the primary key for now must still be in a conventional map
00:32:48 <donri> ah cool. i was wondering if that could be done in data-store
00:52:18 <edwardk> if i get the refactoring of this to work right i can probably cut the code over head it introduced by a factor of 3 its disturbingly regular
00:52:29 <edwardk> also i want to get hash and int map based primary keys
00:53:41 <donri> great stuff!
00:54:59 <donri> although i suspect re-indexing will cut away any performance gains from using other map types
00:55:27 <edwardk> well, the only real cost to hash maps is that you can't use them for (<) or (>) queries
00:56:06 <donri> i mean, i don't think the index map type is the bottleneck?
00:56:11 <edwardk> also if you use ^. with …      you only pay for reindexing the indices you use in the latter part of the query
00:56:36 <edwardk> the others are held lazily and never touched
00:57:15 <donri> did you get anywhere with the data-store benchmarks
00:57:39 <edwardk> got side-tracked with libraries stuff and working on the magma-based zippers
00:57:55 <donri> :)
00:59:33 <edwardk> i'm also hoping to be able to do a basic r-tree or other gist style index
00:59:46 <edwardk> but its more 'that'd be nice to have' at this point
02:08:01 <HugoDaniel> hi
02:13:32 <donri> ohai
02:13:44 <donri> did you finish those benchmarks, HugoDaniel
02:17:20 <HugoDaniel> unfortunately no, im doing them now
02:17:38 <donri> cool
02:17:56 <HugoDaniel> im going to try to benchmark 3 sql tables in postgres, against acid
02:18:37 <HugoDaniel> the postgresql code is going to be done totally in plpgsql, their stored procedure language
02:18:45 <HugoDaniel> i believe thats the best use case for it
02:19:20 <HugoDaniel> ok, just installed criterion
02:21:00 <donri> i wonder if that will do some clever query rewriting so your 100k INCs turn into a single ADD 100k
02:25:25 <HugoDaniel> i was trying to do a bit more complex example
02:25:36 <HugoDaniel> with 3 tables
02:26:34 <HugoDaniel> my idea is to create 3 tables that simulate the typical user profile in a website with several login accounts per profile
02:29:28 <donri> cool
03:15:53 <HugoDaniel> https://twitter.com/donsbot/statuses/284363872075395072
03:16:36 <stepkut> ooo