04:51:42 <stepkut> donri: hmm. we should fix that :)
04:52:02 <stepkut> donri: I'm hoping to actually get around to the new hsp stuff soon
04:52:12 <stepkut> I only wrote it, I didn't try it yet :)
04:52:19 <donri> can we get it to work without type annotations at all? i need them to be String for HXT
04:52:29 <donri> but i could just Text.unpack if need be
04:52:50 <stepkut> with out type annotations you get errors with OverloadedStrings
04:52:56 <donri> yea that's what i remember too
04:52:58 <stepkut> bed time!
04:53:02 <donri> gnight
04:53:04 <stepkut> ACTION goes to sleep.. no really!
04:53:14 <donri> @time stepkut
04:53:14 <lambdabot> Local time for stepkut is Tue Jan  1 22:56:25 2013
04:53:26 <donri> wow, that's so sensible
04:53:30 <donri> it's 6am here
05:02:04 <adnam> i woke up at 8pm yesterday >:|
05:03:50 <donri> \o/
05:04:37 <adnam> maybe i should just go to work
19:15:57 <donri> Lemmih_: seen https://github.com/meiersi/blaze-binary ?
19:15:57 <lambdabot> donri: You have 1 new message. '/msg lambdabot @messages' to read it.
19:16:03 <donri> @messages
19:16:03 <lambdabot> mm_freak_ said 7h 12m 45s ago: right now i don't really get to working on fastirc yet, but it's definitely planned… there will be two libraries, one IRC parser/printer and one FRP-based IRC
19:16:03 <lambdabot> session library
19:35:24 <stepkut> FRP based IRC seems promising to me.. glad someone else is looking into it :)
19:46:10 <donri> i like to remind mm_freak every now and then that there are interested people so he's motivated to do it sooner rather than later ;)
21:55:58 <stepkut> :)