14:12:50 <tazjin> Hello folks, long time no see :]
14:19:02 <HugoDaniel> ei tazjin
14:19:03 <HugoDaniel> 'sup ?
14:34:35 <tazjin> TL;DR: Moved to Sweden, started working at Spotify, life is good.
14:36:14 <bergmark> how many employees do they have now?
14:36:22 <HugoDaniel> :D
14:36:29 <HugoDaniel> they do haskell ?
14:46:12 <tazjin_> bergmark: roughly a 1000 worldwide I think
14:46:22 <bergmark> yowsa, a lot more than i thought
14:46:31 <tazjin_> HugoDaniel: Not really but it's all very open so I'm starting with it now and also giving courses
14:46:44 <bergmark> welcome to sweden anyways! even if i don't live there anymore :)
14:48:18 <donri> tazjin_: i'll come visit and molest you yay
14:48:39 <tazjin_> donri: Feel free to! I live in Kungsholmen
14:48:50 <bergmark> nice
14:49:06 <donri> d'ya still got that bf
14:49:29 <donri> long distance yay?
14:49:30 <tazjin_> Sometimes. I only do open relationships at the moment.
14:49:38 <tazjin_> Well I have a "good friend" in Uppsala
14:50:00 <donri> knullkompisar
14:50:18 <tazjin> Well I wouldn't put it like that
14:50:32 <donri> i believe it's the technical term
14:50:32 <tazjin> Because it's more of a real friendship with the occasional you know.
14:50:38 <donri> :)
14:51:29 <donri> so what to you get to do at spotify
14:52:24 <donri> yay i just installed 16 gb ram and booted up my 32 bit system lolol
14:54:30 <tazjin> Internal IT things, system administration and such.
14:54:52 <tazjin> Also doing a lot of what I want to do, identifying problems and fixing them. Spotify is very open in that regard. Oh and I can use Haskell :P
14:57:13 <donri> cool
14:59:25 <HugoDaniel> :D
16:31:15 <stepcut> spotify -- powered by Happstack!
17:25:47 <HugoDaniel> :D
17:45:05 <stepcut> must finish hyperdrive :-/
17:56:27 <HugoDaniel> what is hyperdrive ?
18:10:14 <stepcut> HugoDaniel: hyperdrive is the new HTTP backend for Happstack 8, built around pipes
18:19:32 <HugoDaniel> :D
18:19:35 <HugoDaniel> yeah!
18:19:50 <stepcut> hyperdrive… for your hypertext :)
18:20:14 <stepcut> so, doing a pipes based HTTP server is easy -- the tricky part is that I want to provide ample proof that it is *correct*
18:20:33 <stepcut> which is a bit harder :)
18:20:44 <stepcut> the challenge right now is how to prove that the parser is correct
18:21:14 <stepcut> I have code to parse the EBNF from the http spec.. but then how do I apply that information ?
20:55:53 <azathoth991> whats happ en ing?
21:31:44 <bergmark> what are the haps
21:33:21 <azathoth991> on the craps?
21:33:45 <azathoth991> I am curious aboutb writing html forms
21:33:47 <azathoth991> with happs
21:33:59 <azathoth991> and about how little HTML I have to write in general
21:39:04 <bergmark> ^_^
21:41:40 <azathoth991> haskell can do all this
21:41:43 <azathoth991> Im sure
21:42:19 <azathoth991> Here is a fun task for the hask: SICP exercsie 1.3: 3 numbers, find biggest 2, then sum the squares