22:01:53 <kxra> stepcut: do you know why happy fails to install on debian testing?
22:02:01 <kxra> i'm having the same problem now on ec2 and buyvm
22:02:08 <kxra> the one i sent pastebins of
22:02:22 <stepcut> hmm
22:02:45 <stepcut> what error does it get?
22:09:42 <kxra> http://pastebin.ca/2308022
22:09:47 <kxra> happy-1.18 can install fine, but that doesn't fix anything
22:09:50 <kxra> http://pastebin.ca/2308023
22:09:56 <kxra> and that's what happens when i try 1.17
22:13:14 <kxra> actually, that might still not be the most relevant info? here's more context
22:13:19 <kxra> http://pastebin.ca/2309068
22:14:08 <stepcut> ah
22:14:14 <stepcut> well I would stick with happy 1.18
22:14:26 <stepcut> and the other message is because you need to install the libz C libraries
22:14:36 <stepcut> cabal: Missing dependency on a foreign library:
22:14:36 <stepcut> * Missing (or bad) header file: zlib.h
22:14:38 <stepcut> * Missing C library: z
22:14:44 <stepcut> probably something like, apt-get install libz-dev
22:14:50 <stepcut> not on my debian machine at the moment
22:16:15 <kxra> ah, ok
22:16:38 <kxra> oh it's libz-dev apparently
22:26:27 <kxra> stepcut: new problem! http://pastebin.ca/2309072
22:27:03 <stepcut> why did, haskell-src-exts-1.13.5, fail to install?
22:27:22 <kxra> i wish it said...
22:28:56 <stepcut> what happens if you run cabal install haskell-src-exts-1.13.5 ?
22:31:54 <kxra> stepcut: http://pastebin.ca/2309074
22:31:59 <kxra> it wants that version of happy
22:32:17 <stepcut> it wants >= happy 1.17
22:32:25 <stepcut> what version do you have installed?
22:34:50 <kxra> i see. not sure why it didn't install it then. i'll do it manually. i got mixed up because the happy error and zlib error happened at the same time
22:35:56 <stepcut> cabal does not automatically install build tool dependencies (like happy) only libraries I think
22:36:07 <kxra> ah, interesting
22:36:42 <kxra> should the instructions an the website include directions for popular distros like fedora and debian to install libz-dev and happy and whatever else?
22:47:51 <kxra> stepcut: happy 1.18 installed, but still can't be found, apparently
22:48:01 <stepcut> is ~/.cabal/bin in your path?
22:56:27 <kxra> stepcut: by adding "PATH=$PATH:$HOME/.cabal/bin" to my .bash_profile?
22:57:05 <stepcut> something like that.. I can never remember if it goes in .profile or .bashrc or .xsessionrc or somewhere else :)
22:57:55 <kxra> stepcut: then yes, i added that and tried to run "cabal install" again. failed the same way. do i need to reinstall happy first?
22:58:08 <stepcut> what does 'which happy' report?
23:02:13 <kxra> huh. nothing.
23:04:07 <stepcut> does ~/.cabal/bin/happy exist?
23:04:22 <kxra> oh, i modified the wrong pash profile
23:04:28 <stepcut> :)
23:04:32 <kxra> fedora does things differently from debian