10:24:47 <HugoDaniel> hellow
17:37:34 <Taneb> Is the default "page not found" response available in the library anywhere?
17:40:35 <donri> Taneb: nope, not exported http://hackage.haskell.org/packages/archive/happstack-server/7.1.1/doc/html/src/Happstack-Server-SimpleHTTP.html#notFoundHtml
17:41:24 <Taneb> Bah
17:42:49 <donri> Taneb: but you can use mzero to fall through to it
17:43:16 <Taneb> donri, I want to force it because it's not going to fall through
17:43:46 <donri> don't you want to customize the 404 page anyway
18:05:31 <Taneb> Eventually
18:06:16 <Taneb> But I'm playing catch-up with someone writing in Python to learn how to write websites, and to show how cool Haskell is
18:08:45 <donri> fourohfour = notFound $ toResponse "not here!"; simpleHTTP ... msum [ ..., fourohfour ]
18:09:47 <donri> stepcut: what's the use case for things like ok and notFound not calling toResponse for you, can we get rid of that in 8?
18:11:04 <stepcut> if you are creating a web service that can return multiple different formats like XML vs JSON you might not know what format is required at the place you call 'ok' or 'notFound'
18:11:31 <stepcut> anyway, it is not clear that 'ok' and 'notFound' should even take arguments
18:11:41 <stepcut> maybe it should be: ok :: (Happstack m) => m ()
18:11:42 <stepcut> ?
18:11:48 <donri> perhaps
18:11:57 <stepcut> Also.. I hate the ToMessage class :)
18:15:04 <donri> mm_freak_: formwire‽ don't leave us hanging!
18:17:11 <stepcut> 'escape mzero' might trigger the default 404 page
18:17:27 <donri> Taneb: ^
18:17:35 <Taneb> Ooh, cool
18:18:59 <Taneb> Hmm, no
18:34:30 <dcoutts> aye, in the hackage-server we have a layer over the top with equivalents of notFound that use an error monad, and then that can be rendered in text or html later depending on the context