00:44:24 <stepkut> can't tell if the new jquery.com look-n-feel is better or worse :-/
01:11:00 <donri> is that cdn link at the bottom broken or is that some schema agnostic syntax we could use for web-routes?
01:11:17 <stepkut> bottom of what?
01:11:39 <donri> jquery.com
01:11:44 <donri> says //ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1.9.0/jquery.min.js
01:11:47 <stepkut> ah
01:11:57 <stepkut> hmm, I have seen that aroun
01:11:58 <stepkut> d
01:12:04 <stepkut> it might be a schema-less thing
01:13:02 <donri> kind of doubt it works in the xml formats we need absolute urls for anyway though
01:19:44 <stepkut> what xml formats?
01:21:51 <donri> atom, opensearch
01:22:14 <donri> and i mean full urls not just absolute paths
01:22:32 <donri> openid you said? or was it oauth
01:24:01 <stepkut> ah
01:24:03 <stepkut> yeah, openid
21:11:44 <donri> stepcut: i think it should be possible to use fpcomplete's thing for happstack if we add it to stackage and implement a simpleHTTP that reads PORT from the environment
21:12:33 <donri> even though http://www.reddit.com/r/haskell/comments/17ngtq/the_fp_complete_school_of_haskell_goes_beta/c87lxld?context=3
21:19:40 <donri> hm or maybe we need more full-blown support for keter
21:19:55 <donri> which is probably similarly easy
21:45:50 <stepcut> reading PORT from the environment should be pretty trivial
21:45:53 <stepcut> :)
21:47:14 <donri> yea don't even need support in happstack, but it'd make the code examples on the haskell school nicer
21:47:31 <stepcut> sure
21:47:39 <stepcut> I haven't look at that stuff at all
21:47:59 <stepcut> too busy wrapping up these changes to clckwrks and thinking about the parser for hyperdrive :-/
21:48:18 <donri> :)
21:48:19 <stepcut> support for keter would be nice though
21:48:40 <stepcut> We definitely do not have any answer for 'how do I deploy my Happstack app' at the moment
21:48:57 <stepcut> The system I use is definitely not a good solution for most people
22:17:09 <donri> what we need is something based on cabal-rpm and systemd! :)
22:17:34 <donri> people need more fedora in their lives
22:30:22 <Entroacceptor> /ignore donri
22:30:30 <donri> :)
22:30:48 <donri> Entroacceptor: what do you use
22:31:01 <Entroacceptor> arch atm
22:31:18 <Entroacceptor> but I have a feeling that'll change soon
22:31:58 <donri> pff arch
22:32:08 <Entroacceptor> pff?
22:32:16 <donri> worst distro ever ;)
22:33:58 <Entroacceptor> yes, they switched to systemd ;)
22:34:50 <donri> hahaha
22:34:57 <donri> touché