17:10:40 <HugoDaniel> hi
17:11:29 <donri> ohai
17:11:57 <HugoDaniel> :)
17:12:14 <HugoDaniel> lens is quite powerful
17:12:33 <donri> complements acid-state nicely
17:18:29 <stepcut> you either of you tried tables yet?
17:18:39 <HugoDaniel> tables ?
17:18:42 <HugoDaniel> what is tables ? :)
17:19:57 <HugoDaniel> https://github.com/ekmett/tables
17:20:09 <donri> i'm in the process of converting to tables from ixset. not everything is nicer though :(
17:21:58 <stepkut> donri: you should do a short blog post after :)
17:22:34 <donri> i hate blogging
17:22:38 <donri> :D
17:22:50 <bergmark> but stepkut loves it so unite!
17:22:57 <stepkut> donri: an email
17:22:59 <stepkut> ??
17:23:04 <HugoDaniel> test ^. with (length . fooBar) (<=) 3
17:23:07 <HugoDaniel> this is amazing
17:23:11 <donri> i hate writing!
17:23:23 <bergmark> youtube it
17:23:42 <donri> i hate promoting myself!
17:23:56 <bergmark> don't show your face and put a sock in your mouth
17:24:07 <HugoDaniel> lol
17:24:12 <donri> HugoDaniel: although that'll be slow IIUC
17:24:18 <HugoDaniel> oh
17:24:20 <HugoDaniel> why ?
17:24:27 <donri> it's not using indices
17:24:37 <donri> it's like 'filter'
17:24:46 <HugoDaniel> ah ok
17:25:04 <HugoDaniel> so i should try to use uppercase selectors whenever i can
17:25:07 <HugoDaniel> right ?
17:25:12 <donri> but you can make length.fooBar an index
17:25:27 <donri> yea
17:25:37 <donri> that's my understanding anyway
17:28:39 <HugoDaniel> that "instance Tabular" is a bit scary
17:29:09 <donri> yea tables has quite a bit of boilerplate currently
17:29:48 <donri> and i can't use my newtypes for indices directly, but that's probably gonna be necessary for any type safe ixset? stepkut?
17:30:01 <donri> or could you do it with type classes maybe...
17:30:32 <donri> class IndexOf a b
17:31:11 <HugoDaniel> i still find this a bit too much
17:31:24 <stepkut> no idea
17:33:59 <donri> one option of course is to not make newtypes like BlogPostId and make those the indices instead, but i like the extra type safety
17:34:31 <stepkut> safety!
17:34:33 <donri> so now i have BlogPosts with BlogPostIds indexed as BlogPostIdK
17:34:36 <stepkut> safety first!
17:34:40 <donri> :)
17:36:34 <donri> i also like avoiding records and let the newtypes speak for themselves... data BlogPost = BlogPost BlogPostId BlogPostBody... yea it get's a bit wordy
17:36:46 <stepkut> yeah
17:37:39 <donri> horay haskell namespacing and record support!
17:37:48 <stepkut> :}
17:40:24 <HugoDaniel> :D
18:23:53 <stepkut> I need a nice, free bootstrap theme
18:29:46 <donri> bootstrap is the theme
18:30:37 <stepkut> well, there are alternative bootstrap compatible themes, http://bootswatch.com/
18:32:55 <donri> i like 'readable'
18:33:27 <stepkut> that one is nice
18:33:30 <stepkut> i like spacelab too
18:34:46 <donri> although i don't like the buttons in readable
18:34:59 <stepkut> I like aspects of the current clckwrks.com theme
18:35:03 <donri> they're not very readable :p
18:37:43 <donri> or the alert blocks
18:39:47 <donri> journal seems alright
19:08:47 <stepkut> not sure that this is an improvement, http://n-heptane.com:8000/page/view-page-slug/1/clckwrks
19:32:12 <stepkut> the paragraph width is definitely too wide
20:50:01 <donri> stepkut: it's an improvement :)
20:51:27 <donri> although needs more heading margins http://n-heptane.com:8000/page/view-page-slug/3/get-started
20:53:44 <bergmark> nod
20:53:53 <bergmark> and it looks too wide on the url donri pasted
20:59:18 <stepkut> yeah page 3 looks waaaaay too busy
21:00:41 <stepkut> narrowing page content, smaller headers, and a bit more spacing around the headers would probably help a lot though
21:02:38 <donri> which theme is this
21:03:51 <stepkut> http://bootswatch.com/spacelab/
21:03:56 <stepkut> with no modifications yet
21:04:50 <stepkut> I'm not committed to using it though :)
21:04:57 <stepkut> it was a one-line change to use it in the first place
21:05:21 <donri> how does readable and journal look
21:05:28 <stepkut> one moment
21:05:39 <donri> although i suggest any theme will suffer similar problems?
21:05:49 <stepkut> the width problem will persist
21:06:05 <donri> i.e. maybe the markup needs some adapting
21:06:18 <stepkut> oh?
21:06:53 <donri> oh don't look at me i don't know bootstrap
21:07:20 <stepkut> there is very little markup in the first place.. must just <h1> <h2> <p> and <code>
21:07:31 <stepkut> markup goes in -- html comes out
21:07:57 <stepkut> ok. switched to readable
21:08:06 <donri> ok css then? i thought bootstrap was markup driven
21:08:58 <stepkut> there is some structure imposed by the markup
21:09:04 <donri> ok i think readable is better than spacelab
21:09:25 <stepkut> really? I think readable is ugly as sin
21:09:51 <donri> heh ok
21:09:55 <stepkut> let's try journal
21:10:17 <stepkut> still.. I am not sure what sort of changes you are trying to cause by changing the markup/css
21:10:26 <donri> i like large serif fonts :D
21:10:41 <donri> me either - i don't know bootstrap
21:10:51 <stepkut> umm
21:10:59 <stepkut> its not a bootstrap specific question..
21:11:20 <donri> well i thought bootstrap uses a lot of div/span class to control rendering
21:11:43 <donri> or even data attributes?
21:11:47 <donri> or was that something else
21:12:27 <stepkut> there are a lot of div/spans.. but that is to allow you to do things like make a two column layout..
21:12:35 <stepkut> I switched to journal
21:13:31 <donri> ok don't like journal
21:13:40 <donri> too small and too little spacing
21:13:41 <stepkut> not sure what aspect of the appearance you are hoping would be affected by changing the markup/css though
21:14:09 <donri> me either, ignore that remark ;)
21:14:18 <stepkut> I like the navbar in journal a bit
21:14:21 <stepkut> and the homepage looks ok
21:14:36 <stepkut> but getting started is an eyesore
21:14:56 <stepkut> same with Roadmap
21:15:31 <stepkut> and.. I only like the navbar bar a little bit, not a lot bit
21:17:03 <donri> spacelab was better than journal anyway
21:17:16 <donri> so if you're no fan of readable :)
21:18:26 <stepkut> heh. I switched to cosmo.. looks a lot like the happstack.com theme
21:18:35 <stepkut> I was very confused for a second
21:20:13 <donri> the code blocks are bad in cosmo
21:20:18 <donri> gray on gray
21:20:27 <stepkut> yeah
21:20:32 <stepkut> I would change that for sure
21:20:42 <stepkut> but.. cosmo is too close to what I have already
21:20:45 <stepkut> time for something fresh ;)
21:20:55 <donri> agreed =)
21:21:22 <stepkut> well, really it is time to take a shower and go to the grocery store
21:21:54 <stepkut> i think I will tweak spacelab and see if I can fix the major issues
21:22:30 <stepkut> one moment
21:26:00 <donri> are you trying the simplex theme now
21:26:16 <donri> there's something comic sans about these headings
21:27:08 <stepkut> no.. it is supposed to be the plain old bootstrap theme now
21:27:27 <stepkut> but it isn't
21:27:38 <stepkut> ah, I did it wrong
21:27:43 <stepkut> it is simplex, which I don't like
21:28:19 <donri> me either
21:29:10 <stepkut> ok, now it is mostly bootstrap.. except for the clipping issue
21:29:38 <stepkut> the navbar is ok
21:29:46 <stepkut> but the rest of the page content is pretty bland
21:30:26 <stepkut> though perhaps more readable than spacelab
21:30:46 <stepkut> maybe I can use the header style from spacelab but not the paragraph style
21:31:20 <stepkut> one question is whether to introduce any color into the scheme
21:31:46 <stepkut> these have all been mostly black/white with a touch of grayscale
21:31:50 <stepkut> which is mostly ok with me :)
21:32:18 <stepkut> hmm. no I do like spacelab more. I'll try tweaking that.