00:46:14 <donri> stepkut: http://alloyui.com/examples/tree/real-world/ yui based treeview with drag drop. no idea if any good
00:55:05 <donri> it does seem alloyui provides a lot of widgets that could be useful in a cms anyway, so perhaps a good base to build on if it's good quality
01:05:16 <donri> i'm hoping it's possible to generate e.g. fay ffi bindings to yui/alloyui via their api doc annotations, that could be awesome
01:06:09 <bergmark> would be cool :>
01:06:50 <bergmark> we want to at least generate stubs from the jquery docs
20:30:04 <levi> I am trying to get stepcut's mastermind source building with the latest fay.  Almost done fighting with cabal...
21:22:47 <bergmark> levi: i think that code is outdated, but if you jump back to whatever fay version it used it should work
21:59:29 <levi> It's definitely outdated, and the way it's built is outdated as well, but the point was to learn how this stuff works by updating it to work with the latest stuff.
22:00:13 <levi> I got the server side to build, but not the client side yet.