19:10:36 <kxra> stepcut: running! but the theme seems to be missing or something? why would it do this?
19:10:50 <stepcut> let me look
19:12:07 <donri> presumably you're using the minimal theme what's-its-name
19:12:09 <stepcut> the theme is working.. there just isn't much to see
19:12:21 <stepcut> also there are some bugs in the theme itself
19:13:05 <stepcut> I'm about to release a new and improved clckwrks though
19:14:34 <stepcut> let me push my changes to a dev branch
19:14:35 <stepcut> one moment
19:17:51 <stepcut> http://hub.darcs.net/stepcut/clckwrks-dev
19:18:22 <stepcut> i think it is in pretty good shape -- though the menu stuff changed a lot and it can't migrate old menus
19:18:47 <stepcut> so you have to go into the _state directory, move the menu directory out of the way, start the app and recreate your menus
19:18:53 <stepcut> but the new menu editor is a lot better
19:18:59 <stepcut> though.. still uglier than I would like
19:19:06 <donri> stepcut: did you take a look at that treeview i linked? though i suppose you're tired of working on that code ^_^
19:19:45 <stepcut> donri: i did briefly
19:20:58 <stepcut> but, I am going to stick with jstree since I am already tied to jquery
19:21:04 <donri> aye
19:21:07 <donri> bbl dinner
19:21:09 <stepcut> now I am looking at the proper way to extend/customize bootstrap
19:21:37 <donri> hah! good luck with that
19:26:09 <stepcut> apparently you use less
19:26:13 <stepcut> there is some documentation about it
19:46:54 <kxra> stepcut: last time i installed clckwrks it used a theme similar to the one on the clckwrks website. did you scrap that as the default?
19:53:22 <levi> Bootstrap is *loads* of fun to deal with.
20:15:35 <donri> is levi using levity
20:17:19 <levi> You might want to look at Zurb Foundation, too.
20:17:31 <donri> that's what i said!
20:20:33 <levi> Or: http://www.smashingapps.com/2012/12/26/16-useful-responsive-css-frameworks-and-boilerplates.html
20:21:59 <donri> i guess it depends on what you want, something ready made or something to tailor
20:25:28 <donri> happstack is about tailoring, but clckwrks is about ready-made so ;)
21:27:17 <HugoDaniel> yeah, i love bootstrap
21:32:33 <donri> bootstrap sucks
21:55:43 <HugoDaniel> :D
21:55:48 <HugoDaniel> why dont you like it ?
21:55:57 <HugoDaniel> i only use the css, not the js stuff
21:56:52 <donri> unsemantic markup, jquery, non-free parts with dubious licensing deals, non-vector graphics, uses less
21:57:22 <HugoDaniel> true
21:57:36 <HugoDaniel> i really hate the icon lib they choose
21:58:12 <HugoDaniel> but the normalizing stuff and grids are very good
21:58:38 <HugoDaniel> and if you want some quick n dirty ui for fast development of a backoffice or something like that it suites very well
22:04:35 <HugoDaniel> usually i do my own icons with a tool i made
22:04:36 <HugoDaniel>
22:04:37 <HugoDaniel> this
22:04:47 <HugoDaniel> i need to re-write it though :/
22:37:14 <kxra> donri: re ready-made vs tailoring. clckwrks is made to be ready-made, but for themes and such, i would expect theme designers to want something made for tayloring and end users to not have to deal with that at all
22:38:00 <donri> well you have the minimal theme for that, or write a theme from scratch
22:38:24 <donri> uh basic theme
22:41:37 <kxra> donri: that's not what i mean. i mean if we're making a wordpress clone, it doesn't matter to end users what the framework for themes is because there will be a community of people who make them
22:49:25 <kxra> what does the media plugin do?