05:51:06 <levi> Git scared the hell out of me when I first used it.  This way way before it had a nice interface or a nice website or anything.
12:17:51 <chaotic_good> ok postgresql+aolserver+tcl vs happstack? how does happstack do better with less time inputs?
12:24:25 <chaotic_good> or hek LAMP?
12:24:29 <chaotic_good> or rails3?
13:06:07 <dcoutts> ACTION fails to decipher what chaotic_good is asking
13:06:33 <chaotic_good> how is happs better?
13:06:46 <chaotic_good> and how takes less time to make better site
13:07:13 <alpounet> chaotic_good, http://happstack.com/clck/view-page-slug/5/happstack-philosophy
13:09:14 <chaotic_good> I saw
13:09:25 <chaotic_good> modern lamp apps use memcached
13:09:32 <chaotic_good> so I am wondering
13:09:35 <chaotic_good> well
13:10:05 <chaotic_good> just in general do you think a happstack site will take less time and be better than lamp aolserver or rails n all that?
13:11:44 <alpounet> less time to develop or are you talking about performances?
13:12:42 <chaotic_good> both
13:12:58 <chaotic_good> I mean if its a bit faster to make the site and its slow....
13:14:05 <alpounet> it won't be slower than ruby or php, for sure
13:14:08 <alpounet> it'll be way faster
13:14:19 <alpounet> by a few orders of magnitude
13:14:29 <chaotic_good> woa
13:14:39 <chaotic_good> ok time for me to learn the haskell
13:14:41 <chaotic_good> :)
13:14:43 <chaotic_good> thx!!!
13:14:47 <chaotic_good> very inspiring stuff!!
13:14:50 <alpounet> for the development time, well, we have a pretty standard set of libraries
13:15:00 <alpounet> that cover many usual aspects of web development
13:16:02 <alpounet> but you may occasionally need smth that isn't implemented yet in some ready to use library
13:16:08 <chaotic_good> virtual hosts? logins? HTML forms?
13:16:21 <chaotic_good> sessions?
13:16:32 <alpounet> yeah
13:16:43 <chaotic_good> I have never even made a full fledged LAMP website so I am learning...
13:17:23 <alpounet> chaotic_good, you should check out http://happstack.com/clck/view-page-slug/9/happstack-lite-tutorial and then maybe read the crash course: http://happstack.com/docs/crashcourse/index.html
13:20:48 <chaotic_good> c00l
13:20:57 <chaotic_good> I found the haskell wikibook too
13:22:21 <alpounet> oh right you don't know haskell yet
13:22:32 <alpounet> yeah begin by Learn You A Haskell then maybe :p
13:22:53 <chaotic_good> its different that bash or tcl
13:22:57 <chaotic_good> I know that
13:28:15 <chaotic_good> http://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Haskell
13:28:29 <chaotic_good> learn you a haskell ah yes