13:49:50 <Entroacceptor> wow, Germany just launched a public data base
13:50:08 <Entroacceptor> sadly it couldn't handle 20000 clicks per hour....
17:30:20 <stepkut> well... clckwrks.com and happstack.com have been prematurely upgrade to the new clckwrks :)
17:30:42 <stepkut> biggest side effect is that the hompages are a bit bare.. rest of the site should be intact
17:57:42 <sm> looks good stepcut
18:01:06 <sm> I really like the vision on your Why page
22:10:56 <levi> The happstack page still has clkwrks in the header block.
22:11:22 <stepkut> so it does :)
22:13:11 <stepkut> fixed in source, a new build should come a long in a bit
22:13:42 <levi> Are you planning on restoring some of the previous site theme, or leaving it very bootstrap-ish?
22:14:22 <stepkut> I need to focus all my design efforts on a different site at the moment
22:14:31 <stepkut> but I'll come back to happstack.com and clckwrks.com themes after that
22:14:34 <stepkut> when I am older and wiser
22:14:42 <levi> Heh.
22:14:50 <stepkut> the front pages could use a little sprucing up though
22:14:54 <stepkut> a touch to plain I think
22:15:05 <levi> I'm not sure that works.  They just change how everything works too fast.
22:15:22 <stepkut> ?
22:15:49 <stepkut> i mean.. in 3 weeks or so
22:21:30 <levi> Oh, well, things will probably work the same in 3 weeks, but the 'web designer best practices' as put forth by the web designer gods may well be completely different.