00:15:02 <kxra> stepcut: ah, apparently the problem was gitit
00:15:06 <kxra> can't have both ]=
00:15:15 <stepcut> hmm
00:15:20 <kxra> now it is installed and runs but i get 'bind: resource busy (Address already in use)'
00:15:20 <stepcut> clckwrks-plugin-wiki!
00:15:22 <stepcut> make it son!
00:15:33 <stepcut> apparently something else is already listening on :8000?
00:15:34 <kxra> stepcut: ooh! that would be great
00:16:24 <kxra> maybe i misconfiguren nginx
00:16:26 <kxra> i'm now to this
00:26:25 <kxra> new*
00:50:27 <stepcut> if you point your browse at :8000 what turns up?
03:00:32 <kxra> stepcut: ah! that works
03:06:28 <kxra> stepcut: but it redirects to the IP address for some reason
03:06:44 <kxra> and even if i specify port 80, it still only works on 8000
03:07:07 <stepcut> specifiy where ?
03:07:23 <stepcut> you can override the http port on the command line or in the config in Main.hs
04:20:47 <kxra> stepcut: on the command line
04:21:27 <kxra> except it says permission denied and forces me to use root-- but still only actually shows up on port 8000
04:21:35 <stepkut> :-/
04:21:40 <stepkut> works for me!
04:21:48 <stepkut> you would need to be root to use a port < 1024 though
04:34:34 <kxra> hm
04:34:46 <kxra> so lets say i have it running on port 8000
04:34:50 <kxra> is that the default?
04:35:40 <kxra> stepkut: do you know if this is a good nginx config? http://pastebin.ca/2327240
04:36:20 <stepcut> I have no idea if that is a good nginx config
04:36:27 <stepcut> but you might also need the --hide-port option?
04:36:36 <stepcut> I use that when I do apache proxying
04:36:43 <stepcut> that keeps the port number out of the generated urls
04:36:49 <kxra> ah!
04:36:52 <kxra> right
04:37:10 <stepcut> since the app is listening on one port, but the user is connecting to a different one
16:27:50 <donri> maybe we should use this for caching/static assets https://code.google.com/p/zopfli/
17:53:34 <stepcut> heh
18:03:09 <donri> dcoutts: oh looks like generics have been added to binary already, nice
18:04:55 <donri> stepcut: i wasn't joking :) every byte counts! but probably not worth investing great efforts into
18:05:53 <donri> i wonder if things like SPDY/HTTP2 makes it redundant because i assume those use non-deflate compression which is more efficient anyway
18:06:51 <donri> or not? "headers are gzip-or DEFLATE-compressed by design" re SPDY
18:19:42 <donri> no releases yet though, just a git repo
18:26:05 <stepcut> dunno