11:44:41 <srhb> Are there any combinations of reform/fay/happstack in the wild? Would be fun to develop ajaxy forms with that.
16:57:52 <srhb> Following the tutorial - how do I match on the root URL?
17:04:59 <totimkopf> hi guys
18:51:36 <stepcut> srhb: nullDir
18:52:21 <stepcut> srhb: I'm not sure that reform is that suitable for ajaxy stuff.. we are looking at an alternative that uses netwire
20:43:20 <donri> @ask Palmik isn't data-store 0.2 less type-safe in that you could use (from the example) sContentName with a non-Content store?
20:43:20 <lambdabot> Consider it noted.
21:11:06 <srhb> stepcut: Interesting.
21:13:00 <srhb> New question: Doing file uploads, I use liftIO $ renameFile tempPath newPath -- but it fails because the tempflie doesn't exist. Why is this? Shouldn't lookFile be placing the tmpFile is the path specified by my policy?
21:21:55 <srhb> Oh dear. The target directory wasn't there. The error message just ended up wonky.
23:26:44 <stepcut> srhb: :)
23:26:55 <stepcut> srhb: createDirectoryIfMissing True
23:27:08 <stepcut> srhb: that should recursively created the directory if it is missing