22:22:25 <srhb> So, reform.
22:22:43 <srhb> What's the XMLGenT?
22:27:17 <donri> srhb: IIRC it's part of hsx and hsp and just a silly newtype to make some instances work right
22:28:03 <srhb> Okay. I haven't tried hsx/hsp yet, so that example is a bit dense for me.
22:28:12 <srhb> The types are also rather scary.
22:28:25 <srhb> "SimpleForm" -- I don't want to see an advanced one :P
22:30:16 <srhb> I think I'll just try digestive functors, they look a lot easier.
22:30:39 <donri> they're less safe :)
22:30:57 <donri> you can use reform with blaze and without proofs, that should keep it simple
22:31:35 <srhb> Hm. Maybe I can glean some information on how to use it via the haddocks instead.
22:32:34 <srhb> I think it would have been good to have a simpler example in the crash course. It's almost impossible for me to understand what's going on, and it was all simple up until this point.
22:32:41 <srhb> and then maybe add the advanced things afterwards.
22:49:50 <srhb> Assuming I want the absolute bare minimum example, how would my form look?
22:50:05 <srhb> Test <$> label "test:" ++> inputText "" :: ?