09:45:37 <MalucoMarinero> Anyone about? Having trouble with HStringTemplate, total newb with monads
20:48:05 <Sando> hey everyone... I'm trying to install the Haskell Platform in a shared hosting environment but can't satisfy the OpenGL dependency. Is there a way to install the platform without opengl support? Thanks for your help...
20:51:49 <donri> Sando: you might have better luck asking that in #haskell, as it's not happstack-specific
20:52:47 <Sando> donri: I asked there already...no answer...so i'm just trying my luck here :)
20:53:16 <donri> Sando: ah. you could maybe also try #hackage and/or the libraries@ mailing list
20:53:59 <donri> Sando: also perhaps ask the admins if they can install haskell-platform as a system package for you
20:54:47 <Sando> donri: I will try your suggestions...thanks
21:24:35 <mm_freak> Sando: to get rid of dependencies, just don't install the whole platform
21:24:55 <mm_freak> install GHC, cabal-install (and probably happstack, since you're asking here)
21:25:18 <mm_freak> this is very easy, if the target platform is one of the common linux distributions
21:25:47 <Sando> mm_freak: yeah I got the same advice in #haskell just now....thanks
21:26:19 <srhb> Lies!
21:26:24 <srhb> It was many minutes ago
21:26:25 <srhb> :-)
21:26:28 <Sando> lol
21:27:03 <Sando> and I'm actually trying to get started with clckwrks
21:27:13 <srhb> Good idea being in here then/
21:29:28 <donri> Sando: yeah ghc + cabal-install plus maybe you need to cabal install happy alex first, should be enough for clckwrks. then you just 'cabal install' inside your clckwrks project
21:29:34 <mm_freak> having real users would certainly boost its development, so go ahead =)
21:29:53 <mm_freak> right now it has only a few…  as far as i know the happstack website uses it
21:30:16 <stepcut> yay \o/
21:30:29 <Sando> going to be blogging my way thru the experience so the post i'm working on now is about deploying on bluehost
21:30:44 <stepcut> clckwrks documentation is still not where I want it, and some parts are still a little wonky, but it is definitely reliable
21:31:02 <Sando> i'm a Drupal (PHP) fanatic but I'm looking to try out some new stuff
21:31:07 <stepcut> I run a handful of sites on clckwrks, and it never goes down or causes problems
21:31:32 <stepcut> so, the focus getting it to 1.0 is getting all the documentation up to snuff and fixing anything that annoys Haskell developers
21:31:37 <stepcut> so.. feedback would be awesome!
21:32:00 <Sando> will do
21:33:41 <mm_freak> i'd love to use clckwrks, but i'll wait until the developer interfaces are stable/frozen
21:34:22 <mm_freak> i really need to get a new website running…  i'm still using a static website that hasn't changed for two years
21:34:30 <mm_freak> of course hakyll-based =)
21:56:29 <stepcut> :)
21:56:47 <Sando> the realworldhaskell book  suggests downloading and installing Cabal, HTTP, zlib and cabal-install, in that order.... what will happen if I skip the first three and install cabal-install?
21:56:53 <stepcut> well, the clckwrks API is getting more stable with each release :)
22:10:45 <donri> Sando: i think it should be enough to download cabal-install and run the included bootstrap.sh script: http://hackage.haskell.org/packages/archive/cabal-install/
22:11:33 <mm_freak> Sando: that all depends…  this is probably about installing cabal-install from source
22:11:43 <mm_freak> if you are a linux user, this is unlikely to be what you want
22:12:06 <donri> mm_freak: sando is setting up a shared hosting environment with no root
22:12:06 <mm_freak> my recommendation is to use your distribution packages for both GHC and cabal-install, then use cabal-install to install the rest
22:12:16 <mm_freak> yeah, true
22:12:25 <mm_freak> well, yes, in that case the order makes sense
22:12:39 <mm_freak> but see donri
22:12:40 <donri> but i think the bootstrap script handles that for you
22:12:55 <mm_freak> dunno, i've never installed cabal-install from source
22:13:15 <donri> me either, not without having an older cabal-install ;)
22:14:01 <donri> oh yea that should work too: cabal install cabal-install on your work computer and scp ~/.cabal/bin/cabal
22:14:41 <donri> unless the two systems are very dissimilar
22:19:44 <Sando> i was hoping the consensus would be that I can skip em... coz HTTP has dependencies... and it seems like the dependencies have their own dependencies
22:20:47 <Sando> not a difficult process really...just tedious
22:24:46 <donri> Sando: well i think bootstrap takes care of that
22:25:34 <donri> many of those deps come with ghc though
22:30:14 <Sando> ok
22:31:46 <Sando> ahhh
22:31:56 <Sando> bootstrap did take care of it
22:32:00 <Sando> my bad
22:37:54 <donri> yay!