17:13:25 <Sando> still trying to make way with clckwrks.... when I go into "clckwrks-plugin-page" and run cabal install i get "cabal: Could not resolve dependencies". Seems like there's a conflict between process and plugin page on the version of directory that's needed. see error output here http://pastebin.com/GV5WYN65
17:39:30 <stepkut> Sando: looks like you need to rebuild process against a newer version of directory
17:40:25 <stepkut> i could probably have page accept a larger version range for directory though
17:40:27 <stepkut> one moment
17:45:59 <Sando> stepkut: ok, waiting :)
17:46:51 <stepkut> ok, updated in darcs and on hackage
17:48:11 <stepkut> I should perhaps do the same for filepath
17:48:30 <stepkut> and mtl
17:51:27 <Sando> stepkut: thanks!!
17:52:27 <stepkut> I pushed another update that relaxes the dependencies on mtl and filepath a bit as well
17:55:13 <donri> stepkut: roadmap etc isn't linked anywhere on happstack.com anymore
17:55:31 <Sando> ok
17:59:35 <stepkut> donri: yeah.. probably a bit out of date anyway
17:59:43 <donri> on :)
17:59:48 <donri> ok*
18:03:53 <stepkut> need to make a new and improved roadmap :)
18:11:25 <donri> new roadmap: increase the 7 to an 8
18:19:03 <stepkut> :)
22:20:56 <Sando> finally http://qubedojo.com:8000/
22:21:25 <stepkut> \o/
22:21:34 <stepkut> not so excited about the 'finally' part :-/
22:21:53 <Sando> i guess now I can start focusing on my haskell skills and learning the platform so I can help
22:21:58 <stepkut> :)
22:22:21 <stepkut> did you run into issuse aside from cabal install failures?
22:22:38 <Sando> nah only cabal issues
22:22:58 <Sando> had to do a local install of the cryptopp shared library
22:23:37 <Sando> and change the tmp folder coz the default one was mounted to noexec
22:23:53 <stepkut> eventually, clckwrks will come with an installer and use a sandbox so that it does not interact with the main ghc install -- but only if you want things that way
22:24:21 <Sando> ok
22:24:51 <Sando> i'll keep in touch then
22:24:52 <stepkut> that's a ways off though.. like clckwrks 3.0
22:24:58 <Sando> thanks for all the help :)
22:25:04 <stepkut> no problem!
22:25:17 <stepkut> I'm working a new clckwrks based site at the moment myself
22:25:27 <stepkut> working on the theme anyway
22:25:50 <Sando> i'll start poking around to see wat I can do with it
22:31:46 <Sando> so where are most of the users here from?
22:31:58 <Sando> i'm from Guyana, South America
22:33:21 <Sando> have to admit whenever I think about haskell developers I picture computer scientists from the UK
22:33:27 <Sando> lol
22:38:58 <stepkut> Chicago, IL, USA
22:50:51 <Sando> cool
23:00:15 <donri> ringarum sweden, 600 inhabitants ;)
23:07:43 <Sando> donri: do you drink lots of rum there?.. :D and wikipedia says 577 inhabitants so I guess you guys have been making babies
23:08:09 <donri> i was rounding up
23:08:16 <Sando> ok
23:09:29 <Sando> nice to meet you donri of ringarum
23:09:34 <donri> :D
23:12:01 <donri> seems -rum is a common suffix for districts in this part of sweden, stemming from the viking era and meaning roughly "open space"
23:12:19 <donri> (probably same origin as english "room", which is also what modern day "rum" means in swedish)
23:15:44 <donri> (english "rum" is "rom" in swedish though ;))
23:19:22 <Sando> wow, I never knew that
23:19:29 <Sando> thanks for the lesson
23:20:09 <donri> i just looked it up on swedish wikipedia ;)
23:20:47 <Sando> haha...in Guyana, rum is the preferred alcoholic beverage for many and we make the best rum in the world...El Dorado Rum ;)
23:27:45 <donri> i guess we're only known for absolut vodka in that area
23:27:59 <donri> hm "Absolut is the third largest brand of alcoholic spirits in the world after Bacardi and Smirnoff, and is sold in 126 countries." not bad ;D
23:31:23 <Sando> :D
23:32:04 <Sando> sold here too