14:10:55 <donri> https://www.fpcomplete.com/hoogle?q=happstack
14:11:13 <donri> might mean that happstack-server is on the school now too
14:12:42 <stepkut> yup
14:13:14 <stepkut> https://www.fpcomplete.com/user/snoyberg/random-code-snippets/snap-and-happstack
14:13:36 <stepkut> having to import Happstack.Server.Env is not good though
14:13:55 <stepkut> also, their markdown preprocessor only supports a subset of what pandoc does
14:14:28 <stepkut> but, maybe I can have pandoc spit out something that it can understand
14:14:31 <donri> also no web-routes etc
14:14:37 <stepkut> extended-markdown to markdown
14:14:50 <stepkut> yeah, I am not really sure how it interacts with forms and other things either
14:15:06 <donri> how else would you do it without importing .Env but also without adding envConf to server?
14:15:11 <stepkut> or how it knows when the kill the background server
14:15:24 <stepkut> would probably have to add envConf to the server :-/
14:16:05 <donri> on the plus side that would mean it would "just work" with your own keter deployments too, if you want to use it
14:16:17 <stepkut> keter uses the PORT variable as well?
14:16:28 <donri> yeah that's what they use for school
14:16:38 <stepkut> why-o-why did they pick such a generic name
14:16:46 <donri> if you really hate PORT perhaps we could ask them to standardize on something else
14:17:02 <stepkut> hate is a bit strong
14:17:07 <donri> like, KETER_PORT and then add keterConf instead of envConf to server
14:17:09 <donri> :)
14:17:09 <stepkut> more like. it concerns me
14:17:19 <stepkut> yeah, that would be way better, IMO
14:18:07 <donri> they could even keep PORT as a fallback second option if KETER_PORT isn't set
14:18:26 <donri> in keter i mean, and then we ignore PORT ;)
14:18:39 <donri> hm no wait it's keter that sets the env var
14:19:45 <donri> so they'd have to do that in their warpEnv instead to support old keter, and we could just say we require new keter
14:21:40 <stepkut> as far as keter goes, it is not a big deal, because they probably just set the port and then call the server.. so not much room for conflict
14:22:06 <stepkut> but, it would be nice if you could add to your .profile/.bashrc export KETER_PORT=9000, and then happstack would listen on port 9000 by default
14:22:19 <stepkut> and, than is where I get concerned
14:22:35 <stepkut> keter support for happstack would be swell
14:22:55 <stepkut> alas, I am doing graphic design at the moment
14:23:13 <bergmark> the happstack design?
14:26:08 <stepkut> no
14:26:25 <stepkut> an actual commercial site that uses clckwrks
14:26:40 <bergmark> cool!
14:28:01 <stepkut> making this into a clckwrks theme now, http://metroui.org.ua/
14:29:02 <donri> eww metro. although it's kinda nice for web sites, as long as you don't copy the horrible lack of usability like text, button and links all styled the same
14:29:17 <stepkut> donri: :)
14:29:25 <stepkut> donri: if you want to design this site for me, I can write some code
14:29:39 <donri> no thanks!
14:31:58 <stepkut> blah.. I've spent the last minute trying to copy and paste a git url from chrome to emacs
14:32:04 <stepkut> linux sucks
14:32:16 <stepkut> GNU/Linux is the suxxor
14:32:43 <donri> stepkut: are you trying for http://www.bash.org/?152037 :D
14:33:00 <stepkut> ;)
14:33:33 <donri> i only know vim though
14:33:49 <stepkut> the problem is really the two separate copy and paste buffers in X
14:33:57 <donri> yeah those are silly
14:35:44 <donri> in case you didn't know but want to learn: it doesn't actually have two clip boards, it has one and it has "selection" which is exactly what it sounds like, no copy just "current or last selection"
14:35:50 <donri> but you probably knew that
14:36:50 <donri> also fun: clipped content in the clipboard is gone if the origin process is terminated
14:36:55 <stepkut> yup
14:37:01 <stepkut> got burnt by that a lot
14:37:16 <donri> i use gpaste to work around that
14:38:07 <srhb> There's a good workaround to it? Wow.
14:38:12 <srhb> It drives me up the walls.
14:39:48 <donri> srhb: yeah it runs as a user daemon that basically listens on the clipboard and steals ownership of it
14:40:18 <donri> also gives you a history and an applet so you can find old clips quickly
14:40:25 <srhb> My god, I've got to try that. I assume there's nothing to stop me from using it with xmonad?
14:40:49 <donri> the daemon probably works fine with xmonad
14:41:11 <donri> i use the gnome shell extension for the history applet as well but i think there might be a system tray version
14:42:16 <donri> or not? duno. but there's a ton of similar programs
14:42:37 <donri> "clipboard manager" i believe is the term
14:42:46 <srhb> I always thought I just had to live with the misery. Thanks. :-)
14:45:02 <donri> clipit and parcellite for example
14:47:29 <bergmark> ew yes i remember my short lived linux days :)
14:47:43 <bergmark> i had a memory map of "when i copy like this from this program i paste it in this one like tihs"
14:48:12 <bergmark> and then a ubuntu update came and completely broke my xmonad setup and i went back to osx
14:48:40 <donri> pussies :)
14:50:58 <srhb> The fascinating thing is that I've been using Linux since about '97... ._.
14:51:17 <stepkut> I've been using it since '95
14:51:32 <srhb> Aw, outgeeked again.
14:51:32 <stepkut> and Haskell since '02
14:51:32 <srhb> :-)
14:51:36 <srhb> Wow.
14:51:41 <srhb> Did it even have IO back then?
14:51:42 <srhb> ;)
14:51:51 <stepkut> srhb: yes, but not hierarchical modules
14:52:12 <srhb> Oh dear.
15:22:48 <stepkut> ah.. oops. I should be using Data-Dir: in my cabal files instead of adding </> "data" </> in clckwrks
20:45:17 <timtom> hi guys, i have a problem with acid-state
20:45:53 <timtom> but before i dvelve into its depths
20:46:18 <timtom> how would you write an acid-state query that uses randomization and may or may not return a result (i.e. Maybe)
20:47:02 <timtom> Does Data.Acid.Query DBState (StateT System.Random.StdGen Maybe Task) look right? (Where DBState and Task are datatypes that I have defined)