00:14:39 <donri> open source alternative to the school? https://www.learnbyhacking.org/posts/51308bf113c6143188000001
00:24:48 <donri> (speaking of great URLs :p)
01:53:59 <stepkut> the other thing that is interesting about parsing HTTP is that we are often a bit lazy about it
01:54:24 <stepkut> for example, we often do not parse an header fully unless we actually intend to do something with it
02:00:40 <stepkut> so, we have a sort of multiple pass parsing
02:03:51 <stepkut> donri: I just started an all ages, all experience level monthly tinkering party
02:11:07 <donri> stepkut: cool! what's it about?
02:11:18 <donri> stuff like raspberry i imagine?
02:16:01 <stepkut> someone did have a raspberry pi
02:16:23 <stepkut> but we also had legos, snap circuits, tinker toys, erector sets, k'nex, arduino, and more!
02:16:46 <donri> yeah i was thinking of construction toys
02:17:08 <donri> http://youtu.be/8-zcsieI8kM :D
02:18:07 <stepkut> oh nice
02:19:19 <stepkut> I am hoping that overtime we will be able to have seemless transistion where people can start by just playing with legos and stuff (because everyone can do that), and then they can make lego things with gears, and then move on to geared things with motors, and then geared things with motors and simple microcontrollers, and then move away from legos/k'nex and start building their own frames from metal, etc
02:19:35 <stepkut> and soon, everyone will be using Haskell to build robots and drones and more!
02:19:49 <donri> \o/
02:21:36 <donri> i wonder how hard it would be to program mindstorms with haskell
02:23:33 <donri> oh http://hackage.haskell.org/package/NXT
02:26:42 <stepkut> :)
02:26:50 <donri> too bad i'm so far away or i'd come to your thing!
02:27:05 <stepkut> skype :p
02:27:40 <donri> i don't have anything to tinker with!
02:27:50 <stepkut> it starts at 2PM CST.. not sure what time it is where you are then
02:28:07 <donri> @time stepkut
02:28:08 <lambdabot> Local time for stepkut is Wed Mar 20 21:34:01 2013
02:28:11 <donri> @time donri
02:28:12 <lambdabot> Local time for donri is Thu Mar 21 03:34:05
02:28:29 <donri> oh dear is it so late/early already
02:29:14 <stepkut> so.. for the electric violin I am building, I am thinking of going for 5 strings instead of 4
02:29:29 <stepkut> but.. then I have to decide what scale length to make it.. violin.. viola.. or something inbetween
02:29:59 <stepkut> any opinions?
02:30:53 <donri> not really. i'd go with the viola extra string and the rest a violin for familiarity but maybe that's boring :p
02:31:08 <donri> (is it a C? i suck at everything music theory)
02:31:13 <stepkut> right
02:31:23 <stepkut> that's the plan
02:31:52 <donri> (they made me the concertmaster and i couldn't even read scores)
02:32:01 <stepkut> the question is how long should it be between the nut and the bridge
02:32:14 <stepkut> should it be as long as a violin or as long as a viola
02:32:14 <donri> oh!
02:32:25 <donri> didn't know there was a difference
02:32:30 <donri> haven't played the viola much
02:32:56 <stepkut> there is.. the viola is a couple inches longer
02:33:22 <donri> i also don't know the english terms and what nut and bridge is in this context
02:33:40 <donri> also it was 10 years since i played :p
02:34:40 <stepkut> the nut is this part, http://www.theviolinplace.com/Images/Violin_nut.jpg, the part at the finger board that the string first makes contact with
02:34:59 <stepkut> bridge, http://blog.scottcaooutlet.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/bridge.jpg
02:35:25 <donri> oic
02:36:08 <stepkut> i should ask my friend who plays violin, viola, and 7-string fretted electric 'violin'
02:36:26 <donri> we basically call that whole area in between there where you have your left hand the "throat" hehe (translates better as 'neck' i guess)
02:37:00 <stepkut> yeah, neck is more common
02:37:07 <stepkut> well, bridge is pretty common
02:37:25 <stepkut> nut is typically used by luthiers (people that make instruments)
02:37:32 <donri> i didn't mean the bridge
02:37:40 <donri> the bridge we call 'stable' :p
02:37:45 <donri> weird terms all over!
02:37:52 <stepkut> :)
02:38:19 <donri> the nut we call 'shell'
02:38:38 <donri> none of these terms translate well to english :p
02:38:44 <stepkut> :)
02:39:07 <donri> hm 'scroll' seems to be a translation, is that the same thing as the nut?
02:39:41 <stepkut> no.. scroll is the wooden curly part that the tuning pegs go into
02:39:54 <donri> yeah that's the 'shell'. then i misunderstood nut
02:40:44 <stepkut> yeah, the length of the scroll wouldn't affect anything
02:40:50 <stepkut> in terms of sound
02:41:11 <stepkut> the scale length refers only to the parts of the string that are gonig to be vibrating when you play
02:41:12 <donri> https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/c/cc/Violinconsruction3.JPG
02:42:02 <stepkut> yeah
02:42:18 <stepkut> the nut is the little piece right between the neck and the pegbox
02:42:49 <stepkut> the white part in this picture, http://www.frets.com/FretsPages/Musician/GenSetup/Nuts/NutsViews/goodnut.JPG
02:43:03 <donri> ah yeah suspected so
02:43:40 <donri> guess i never considered it to be separate from the neck piece, but of course it is
02:45:20 <donri> TIL: neck in english is the whole area between the head and shoulders
02:45:42 <donri> in swedish we reserve neck for the back side and call the whole front side the throat, basically
02:46:05 <donri> so i guess then neck is the right translation of the word we use for the violin part :)
02:52:15 <donri> bedtime
02:52:48 <donri> good luck with violin building and tinkering party!