18:13:48 <donri> kxra: https://blogs.gnome.org/xan/2013/03/25/web-3-8-the-peace-dividends-release/
18:14:38 <kxra> thanks! i only saw thes covered on world of gnome
18:15:19 <kxra> i want a f18 rpm
18:15:27 <kxra> but that won't happen
18:16:01 <donri> --enablerepo=rawhide ;) no don't
21:44:08 <kxra> donri: i do that more often than i should already
21:44:25 <kxra> i actually did try it for epiphany when it was first annonced that webkit2gtk was done
21:44:28 <kxra> but it didn't work