18:15:27 <donri> "[..] security vulnerability in all versions of MongoDB prior to version 2.4."
18:16:13 <donri> i wonder what kind of security vulnerabilities are even possible with acid-state?
18:17:08 <donri> hm one is the reliance on external security to secure remote sockets
18:24:54 <stepcut> donri: yeah.. that makes it 'not our problem' ;)
18:25:30 <donri> hehehe
18:25:47 <donri> we should probably document it better though
18:25:57 <stepcut> the primary attack vector for acid state is probably the files on disk
18:26:06 <donri> but in many ways it's a good thing because you're forced to use trusted security systems instead of something custom written
18:26:32 <stepcut> there is a DoS possibility if the user creates update transactions where the argument is an infinite list
18:26:37 <stepcut> or other infinite structure
18:26:42 <donri> but, it's also easy to misconfigure :)
21:26:15 <donri> kxra: it's out! https://help.gnome.org/misc/release-notes/3.8/
21:26:53 <kxra> yeahhh!
21:27:01 <kxra> donri: http://www.reddit.com/r/radicalqueers/comments/1b4cdk/id_designed_some_bumper_stickers_to_combat_the/
21:27:07 <kxra> not sure if this is of interest
21:27:17 <kxra> but i'm trying to spread the word
21:30:09 <kxra> stepcut: i think i asked this before, but i am wondering if I use gitit/darcsit now, how hard you think it would be to create a clckwrks plugin later where i could easily migrate to?
21:56:01 <stepcut> kxra: dunno.. in theory you just export the data is markdown/wiki files and then re-import them ?
21:57:13 <kxra> stepcut: ah, true. i was thinking in such a way that the history is maintained, so copy the whole repo over
21:57:45 <stepcut> well.. you would have to write something to migrate all the data then..
21:58:09 <stepcut> and  hope that they had mostly compatible information ?
21:59:17 <stepcut> I guess it would depend if you wrote a new wiki plugin from scratch, or tried to rip the core out of gitit/darcsit and make it into a plugin
22:00:01 <stepcut> and/or whether gitit/darcsit already has an export feature that dumps out everything you want
22:04:58 <kxra> stepcut: mm, yeah. i also noticed a darcs plugin for clckwrks
22:05:06 <kxra> would that be redundant/cause problems?
22:05:42 <stepcut> kxra: well.. that is just for a hub/patch-tag like site.. shouldn't cause problems
22:12:22 <kxra> ohhh, i see
22:12:34 <kxra> stepcut: i thought it was to maintain a repo of the site using darcs
22:12:41 <kxra> but i guess that wouldn't require a plugin
22:12:50 <stepcut> no
22:13:19 <stepcut> prior to hub.darcs.net, I had visions of making easy to create your own site for a haskell project using clckwrks
22:14:03 <stepcut> you would install clckwrks, clckwrks-plugin-page, clckwrks-plugin-darcs, clckwrks-plugin-bugs, and have a nice little CMS site with a browseable darcs repo and bug tracking
22:14:22 <stepcut> or, it could be used to build something like hub.darcs.net
22:14:36 <stepcut> and, in fact, I still think that is a good idea -- just not one I have time to work on really
22:14:54 <stepcut> also, it was supposed to have scoutess integration -- so you would get continuous integration as well
22:14:56 <stepcut> and other stuff
22:15:23 <stepcut> i need, like, 8 more of me
22:15:29 <stepcut> or.. other people even ;)
22:16:38 <stepcut> clckwrks-plugin-wiki is probably a better use of time though
22:17:10 <stepcut> seems like it is hard to get people excited about darcs these days
22:17:23 <stepcut> and .. if you are going to use git, then it is pretty hard to beat github
22:20:00 <stepcut> I'll probably test the waters by putting hyperdrive on github and seeing how that goes :-/
22:20:16 <stepcut> and give everyone commit access ;)
22:20:51 <stepcut> I may have figure out how to do the verified parser stuff, but I am stuck in graphic design land at the moment
22:23:05 <sm> stepcut: :-/ interested to know how you'll get on with github
22:24:18 <stepcut> sm: yeah.. I'm not looking forward to learning git :)
22:24:40 <sm> better now than 3 years ago :)
22:24:48 <stepcut> sm: :)
22:25:36 <sm> one of my projects is in the same boat, for the first time I think I need something to be on github
22:25:48 <stepcut> yeah.. sucks
22:26:11 <stepcut> in the long term we could make hub nicer, and get bridge working
22:26:14 <sm> I just pinged owst about darcs bridge, he might fix it in a few weeks
22:26:20 <kxra> stepcut: what's hyperdrive?
22:26:22 <stepcut> but I don't have any time to devote to that really
22:26:32 <stepcut> kxra: the new http(s) backend for happstack 8
22:26:37 <kxra> ah, cool
22:26:41 <stepcut> kxra: like warp.. but better :)
22:26:45 <kxra> ah, cool[=
22:26:53 <kxra> ah, that was supposed to just me a smiley
22:27:10 <kxra> in terms of grapdic design, i really like this no-chrome stuff. if free software could design things like windows 8 phone / metro but less shitty, that would be wonderful
22:27:17 <kxra> no rounded corners, no shadows, no BS
22:29:49 <stepcut> yeah.. now that CSS supports gradient and drop-shadows, no one wants it anymore :)