06:02:52 <kxra> stepcut: aw crap i can't edit this poorly formatted bug report: http://clckwrks.com/bugs/view-bug/27
14:10:05 <donri> stepcut: http://divshot.github.com/geo-bootstrap/
14:22:31 <stepcut> haha
14:54:13 <donri> stepcut: why am i not seeing it deployed on happstack.com already?
14:54:27 <stepcut> donri: working on it.. have to migrate to the coffee shop first
14:54:33 <donri> ;)
14:54:59 <stepcut> i really need reform-hsp-bootstrap
14:55:25 <stepcut> or mm_freak_forms-hsp-bootstrap
14:57:19 <stepcut> also.. clckwrks and happstack-authenticate should really take advantage of the extra functionality that reform adds for separating the validation and the view
16:29:40 <McManiaC> stepcut: hehe arent you kinda late for aprils fool
16:31:13 <stepkut> ;)
16:31:28 <stepkut> it's no joke! It exists!
16:32:22 <McManiaC> hehe
16:38:03 <stepkut> I need an adobe swatch exchange parser
18:18:22 <stepkut> ok, done.
20:02:59 <levi> Dude, geo-bootstrap is totally the basis of my next homepage.