08:49:56 <mm_freak> the wait is over…  the Continue monad is now on github =)
08:50:03 <mm_freak> https://github.com/ertes/continue
08:51:05 <mm_freak> don't hesitate to comment/suggest/complain
15:41:39 <stepcut> mm_freak: pretty sweet test suite
15:42:40 <bergmark> :>
15:50:47 <stepcut> would be useful if the example had some type signatures.. I really have no idea what is going on with label or myComp or how you actually suspend or continue anything :-/
15:51:30 <stepcut> the example also makes it look a bit like it is implementing goto statements :)
15:53:13 <donri> mm_freak: you converting to git?
15:56:43 <donri> stepcut: i think the idea is basically goto, made sane by functional programming and monads (cf. StateT vs mutable state)
15:57:41 <donri> the string labels worry me a bit though!
15:59:36 <donri> looks polymorphic though
16:22:52 <levi> I missed the reference to what you're talking about. Some sort of continuation thing?
16:27:08 <sm> geo-bootstrap is fun :)
16:31:16 <stepcut> yup
16:31:27 <stepcut> bootswatch is great stuff
16:31:49 <stepcut> bootswatch is a nice system for generating bootstrap compatible themes
17:10:21 <sm> good to know
17:10:41 <donri> levi: logs in topic
17:13:57 <mm_freak> donri: i don't like git, but i'm getting so many requests to switch to github that i gave in
17:14:14 <mm_freak> stepcut: yeah, it's not really a "test suite", but just my test program
17:14:35 <mm_freak> honestly i can't think of a nontrivial way to test this library…  i've proven the laws manually
17:26:47 <levi> Ahh, sorry, my topic line cuts off before there.  Got it now.
23:36:06 <stepkut> looks! I put something on github! Let the contributions pour in! https://github.com/stepcut/ase2css
23:36:12 <stepkut> I would suggest someone start with haddock comments ;)