11:55:50 <totimkopf> buen dia, Jeanne-Kamikaze
12:00:07 <Jeanne-Kamikaze> yo
13:49:34 <donri> man i really hate the happstack-clientsession api
13:49:46 <stepcut> yeah
13:49:55 <stepcut> something is not right about it
13:50:11 <donri> not sure we can do better without changing how we do components with happstack in general
13:50:27 <stepcut> what in particular is the problem?
13:50:34 <stepcut> needing a monad transformer?
13:50:36 <donri> although part of the problem is with haskell
13:51:24 <stepcut> we can also change how we do components
13:51:39 <donri> the problems as I see them: ugly names due to namespacing issues, the need for a monad transformer, internally the need to define a fuckload of mtl instances, externally the need for the user to define wrapper instances for things line hsp
13:51:52 <stepcut> yeah
13:52:03 <stepcut> time for an overhaul of all the things
13:52:45 <donri> also the need to expose internals that originally weren't meant to be public
13:53:03 <stepcut> now that I have the plugins library written, we are in a  good position to think about things like this
13:53:40 <donri> honestly i'm temped to just say, fuck mtl let's just use transformers and lifts
13:53:42 <stepcut> because there isn't that other big problem lingering on the horizon
13:53:50 <donri> then we can also use get/put with clientsession
13:54:00 <donri> and askRq is just 'ask'
13:54:02 <donri> etc
13:54:08 <stepcut> yeah
13:54:20 <stepcut> actually, we need to do one more thing first
13:54:24 <stepcut> hyperdrive
13:54:28 <donri> :)
13:54:56 <donri> + i'm holding my breath for mm_freak_'s categorical framework design
13:55:00 <stepcut> yeah
13:55:08 <donri> maybe ey has an answer to the component problem
13:55:08 <stepcut> which can use hyperdrive ;)
13:55:11 <donri> :)
13:55:13 <stepcut> and web-plugins
13:56:05 <stepcut> I may have cracked the abnf verified parsing thing.. but I've been siderailed by web design recentnly
13:59:35 <donri> cool
14:49:05 <stepcut> ah yes, I have to read the finally tagless paper next
21:11:24 <levi> The finally tagless stuff is pretty interesting.
21:23:48 <stepcut> Interesting is nice, useful would be even better :)