12:09:41 <Taneb> What does lookCookie do if there isn't a cookie by that name?
12:12:35 <Taneb> Empty string?
12:12:38 <Taneb> fail?
15:44:57 <stepcut> mzero
15:45:00 <stepcut> i expect
15:45:46 <stepcut> oh.. not here anymore
15:45:59 <stepcut> anyway, it calls, rqDataError $ strMsg $ "lookCookie: cookie not found: " ++ name
15:46:35 <stepcut> which in ServerPartT is mzero, but in the RqData it actually logs the error message
15:46:54 <stepcut> if you are using the Applicative RqData instance, then it will actually accumulate all the error messages