11:13:57 <mm_freak_> donri: i'm sorry, no
11:14:59 <mm_freak_> donri: i don't think i can solve instance explosion, but i can probably get along without a monad stack
11:15:12 <donri> sure
11:16:14 <donri> or we just use explicit lifts :p makes library code terse at the expense of user code verbosity though
11:17:18 <mm_freak_> donri: i didn't really get around to designing the abstraction yet, but no monads = no instance explosion and still terse user code
11:17:42 <mm_freak_> expect a mostly applicative interface
11:17:53 <donri> yeah applicative is omnom
11:18:12 <mm_freak_> applicatives can be combined without transformation
11:18:24 <donri> but surely we need monads for some things?
11:18:32 <mm_freak_> not really
11:18:41 <donri> just category instead?
11:19:24 <mm_freak_> the only thing you need monads for is when you want some HTTP action to generate another HTTP action to be run
11:19:30 <mm_freak_> and even that can be modelled without monads
11:19:50 <mm_freak_> monads aren't really more useful, they are just more convenient thanks to do-syntax =)
11:19:58 <donri> hehe
11:21:47 <donri> bbl
14:47:28 <Palmik> Hi guys. For anyone interested, I have added lens based interface to Data.Store https://github.com/Palmik/data-store/blob/v0.2/src/Data/Store/Lens.hs It's used not unlike the interface for tables. You can see some examples in the benchmark here: https://github.com/Palmik/data-store/blob/v0.2/benchmarks/src/DS/B01.hs#L50
14:49:16 <Palmik> It shares the disadvantages of tables: the performance. It is much slower than the 'native' data-store interface (yet still a bit faster than tables, up to 8 times: http://hpaste.org/85781).
15:04:49 <mm_freak_> Palmik: nice
15:04:55 <mm_freak_> any plans to put this on hackage?
15:06:32 <Palmik> Yes, I will do that in the future. I will probably rename few functions first though (swap insert' and insert, update' and update etc.).
15:12:58 <mm_freak_> cool
17:56:41 <donri> stepcut: where do you think would be appropriate to throw the 500 error when session used without TLS? as early as possible or in each session operation like get/put/expire?
18:07:36 <donri> stepcut: also is there a guide for h-s-tls i can link in the error?
19:18:35 <stepkut> donri: I think just the haddock docs
21:57:13 <kxra> stepcut: i don't suppose a wordpress blog import function could happen in the near future, or anytime before clckwrks v3, could it?