13:16:30 <Palmik> Would it be possible to expose the constructor of IxSet? I would like to add NFData instance.
13:35:29 <donri> Palmik: why not add it upstream?
13:56:41 <Palmik> I guess I could. I will have to check out how to work with darcs. :)
14:42:56 <sm> darcs get REPO, hack hack, darcs record, darcs send
14:50:08 <mm_freak> btw, is there a github equivalent for darcs?  i hate git
14:50:27 <sm> why yes there is.. http://hub.darcs.net
14:51:07 <mm_freak> is it always that slow?
14:51:51 <donri> nope
14:52:08 <sm> no.. sorry, that machine is linking yesod right now and swappingn :(
14:52:23 <donri> haha
14:52:54 <mm_freak> lol ok
14:52:59 <sm> a 1G linode. I think they'll be giving me double ram quite soon though
14:53:03 <mm_freak> you should probably do that linking in a VM ;)
14:53:34 <mm_freak> ok, what would i use for bug tracking?
14:53:40 <sm> what, to limit the ram ? maybe, I need to get up to speed with that stuff
14:53:52 <mm_freak> for general safety
14:54:11 <mm_freak> i changed my server to a hypervisor…  now everything is run in its own VM
14:54:51 <sm> mm_freak: there's a very minimal bug tracker on darcs hub
14:55:13 <sm> you enable it in the repo settings
14:55:24 <mm_freak> ah, found it
14:56:14 <mm_freak> oh, no i didn't
14:56:20 <mm_freak> i found the site's bug tracker =)
14:57:48 <mm_freak> sm: is there an example repository with a bug tracker somewhere?
14:58:12 <sm> mm_freak: sure, it sounds like you found one - http://hub.darcs.net/simon/darcsden/issues ?
14:58:18 <sm> any repo can have a tracker like that
14:58:48 <sm> if it's not enabled via repo's edit button, the issues button won't appear on that repo
14:58:50 <mm_freak> ah, ok
14:59:20 <mm_freak> so you're the author of the web app?
14:59:24 <Palmik> sm: Thanks. :)
15:00:23 <sm> mm_freak: alex suraci wrote darcsden, I worked some more on robustness and ui and am operating hub.darcs.net
15:01:24 <sm> he has provided http://darcsden.com for a while, running older software, but he isn't active with darcs these days
15:03:12 <mm_freak> hmm
15:04:03 <mm_freak> right now i'm using git and github, but i'm happy to move away from both as soon as there is a viable alternative
15:04:17 <mm_freak> i'll give hub.darcs.net a shot
15:04:37 <sm> great
15:05:32 <sm> ironically I just moved my main project to github, but I still love darcs
15:05:44 <mm_freak> why?
15:05:48 <sm> I feel like I have an evil twin inside of me...
15:06:22 <mm_freak> i'd say both are fine, but git is just too complicated
15:06:35 <sm> it seemed like not being on github was holding back the hledger project.. I think at this point I'll get more contributions by being there
15:06:41 <mm_freak> darcs gives an excellent example of what a VCS user interface should look like
15:07:01 <mm_freak> that was also my main reason for moving there
15:07:21 <mm_freak> if i were to convert netwire to git i'd probably receive lots of contributions
15:07:26 <sm> agreed, but things are improving in git land... and it is nice to change things up after a bunch of years
15:08:20 <sm> there is hope for a darcs<->git syncing tool in the not-to-distant future (darcs-bridge)
15:09:18 <mm_freak> unfortunately git has some features you can't really map to darcs
15:10:54 <sm> yes. They're two rather interesting tools
15:13:12 <donri> mm_freak: owst figured out how to encode the DAG in darcs using tags, IIUC
15:43:34 <Palmik> Umm, is there a way to "get" only ixset with darcs?
15:46:26 <sm> Palmik: no, sorry
15:50:36 <donri> Palmik: darcs get --lazy might be faster though
15:53:22 <Palmik> OK, thank you guys. :)
16:07:15 <Palmik> Oh the pains of existential quantification. :D
16:10:12 <Palmik> I do not think we want to restrict the type of the key to also have a NFData instance, on the other hand I do not think it is possible to safely implement the NFData instance for IxSet.
16:10:26 <Palmik> (without it)
22:14:36 <kxra> stepkut: students for free culture is becoming the free culture foundation and i'd love to use clckwrks, but we'd need to have better page slugs and control subpages, etc
22:20:04 <stepkut> ok
22:20:25 <stepkut> what is the issue with page slugs?
22:20:38 <stepkut> and what do you mean by subpages?
22:20:55 <kxra> we need to be able to have er, like directories and subdirectories
22:21:06 <kxra> we need to be able to do what we do with wordpress on freeculture.org
22:21:13 <stepkut> great
22:21:22 <stepkut> if you can make specs I can make it happen
22:22:19 <kxra> which is have /about and, if we wanted, /about/team
22:22:33 <kxra> stepkut: great. is there a good giude to writing a spec?
22:22:46 <stepkut> no..
22:22:48 <stepkut> make it clear :)
22:22:50 <kxra> mmk
22:22:53 <kxra> will do
22:23:07 <stepkut> by spec, I just need to be able to understand what you need
22:23:13 <stepkut> or.. you can submit patches ;)
22:24:05 <kxra> yeah
22:24:13 <kxra> well, i have to work on finals
22:24:20 <stepkut> :)
22:24:23 <kxra> but maybe after i can start contributing
22:24:29 <stepkut> awesome
22:24:31 <kxra> i'll need a haskell mentor though
22:24:38 <stepkut> sure