14:29:19 <donri> kxra: oh you know dpic? or are you the same person... :D
14:35:28 <donri> yeah i think you are!
16:20:57 <stepcut> so based on tekmo's latest post it seems like pipes is a better choice than io-streams for hyperdrive
16:35:49 <kxra> donri: same person. why'd you ask? [=
16:54:11 <donri> kxra: because i didn't know about this new nick but noticed similarities :) not sure you remember me?
16:54:41 <kxra> donri: lojban?
16:54:57 <donri> yep
16:55:02 <kxra> yeah i remember
16:55:12 <kxra> just curious what similarities you pickud up on [=
16:56:58 <donri> hm. the queer thing, the interest in the linux desktop, the name sounded like something you'd decide on (last we talked you hadn't decided yet i think)
16:57:13 <donri> then today i saw both you and silent number as mods on /r/fsf
16:57:50 <kxra> i don't think i was out as queer when i went by dpic haha
16:57:58 <donri> then i /whois'd you and saw #lojban ;)
16:58:06 <kxra> aha
16:58:16 <donri> nah but you told me last we spoke on g+ that you had just come out as queer
17:00:46 <kxra> ah, i see. hah