18:39:26 <donri> stepcut: http://arstechnica.com/information-technology/2013/05/11-arduino-projects-that-require-major-hacking-skills-or-a-bit-of-insanity/
20:19:27 <stepcut> \o/
21:20:31 <tazjin> What happened to the Happstack website?
21:21:52 <tazjin> This is what I see: http://klaud.tazj.in/Opxo
21:21:57 <tazjin> It looks like something is missing
22:26:52 <stepcut> tazjin: Someone just needs to make a better theme for it
22:27:40 <stepcut> I can either make better themes or work on better technology :-/
23:00:35 <tazjin> stepcut: Who made the old theme?
23:00:49 <stepcut> I made pretty much all of them
23:01:18 <tazjin> Oh
23:08:27 <stepcut> the current theme lost a little bit due to some changes in the clckwrks backend
23:08:45 <stepcut> the blog/CMS stuff got moved into  a separate library and is now just a normal plugin
23:09:11 <stepcut> which means that if you want to be able to provide a special theme for the front page, you have to have some way to theme specific plugins
23:09:23 <stepcut> which we do want to support, but it has not made it to the top of the TODO list yet
23:09:40 <stepcut> in the meantime, we could edit the markdown for the page to include extra HTML markup and make it prettier
23:10:07 <tazjin> I think placing a picture somewhere would make it look more ... "complete"
23:10:14 <stepcut> probably
23:10:31 <stepcut> just need a picture with the right subject and license
23:11:40 <tazjin> Get somebody to take a picture of you showing a thumbs up in front of a printed out lambda? :)
23:43:18 <stepcut> alas, the :: is more significant than λ I think. I guess they did try to remove it from python .. but the types are really the big win