04:06:19 <Taneb> Any suggestions for using web-routes with heist?
04:12:52 <stepkut> hmm
04:13:01 <stepkut> yes
04:13:03 <stepkut> i think
04:13:07 <stepkut> maybe
04:14:44 <stepkut> I once put together an example of snap+heist+web-routes here:
04:14:45 <stepkut> https://github.com/stepcut/snap-web-routes-demo
04:15:01 <Taneb> Oh, thank you!
04:15:04 <Taneb> :)
04:15:07 <stepkut> Heist has changed a bit since then, so I am not sure how much is still accurate
04:15:15 <stepkut> sorry, Heist has changed a lot
04:16:01 <stepkut> but I suspect the basic ideas still hold even if the code does not compile anymore :)
04:17:40 <Taneb> The way I would do it, would be a function Text -> url  and then url -> RuntimeSplice m [(Text, Text)] and them roll them together to make an AttrSplice?
04:18:05 <Taneb> But it's 25 past 5 in the morning, maybe I shouldn't be thinking
04:18:09 <stepkut> :)
04:18:29 <stepkut> I wrote that demo a long time ago, so I really have no idea if I did it right anymore ;)
19:53:23 <stepkut> ok. got acid-state Remote authentication and TLS support ``working''. Now I just need to clean it up.