01:49:37 <frozencemetery> with the example-dot-org with the default theme, should it be working?
01:51:13 <frozencemetery> oh, it has to be prefixed with >
01:58:10 <frozencemetery> I admit I'm new to markdown, but shouldn't that denote blockquote, not code?  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Markdown#Code https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Markdown#Blockquotes ?  It seems that requiring the > prefix makes it harder to copy-paste code snippets
02:34:44 <stepkut> frozencemetery: this is why we need to switch to pandoc
02:35:11 <frozencemetery> suddenly I understand :)
02:35:18 <stepkut> :)
02:35:28 <stepkut> there are many reasons really, and that is one of them
04:33:40 <frozencemetery> stepkut: https://github.com/clckwrks/clckwrks is broken, unless I miss my mark
04:33:55 <frozencemetery> (broken in that it's not in sync with the darcs repo)
04:47:10 <stepkut> yeah :(
04:47:22 <stepkut> darcs-bridge not working so well