14:02:10 <HugoDaniel> hi
14:10:46 <Taneb> Hi
14:15:40 <peikos> good afternoon
14:16:15 <peikos> I am trying to install happstack-server-tls on Gentoo from Cabal, but it keeps dying on me telling me it is missing the C-library cryptopp
14:16:38 <peikos> I am pretty sure it is installed in a default location (/usr/lib), but somehow cabal is unable to find it
14:17:23 <peikos> is there anywhere I can find exactly what file(s) cabal is looking for, because I suspect it might be looking for files with a slightly different name
14:17:53 <peikos> I would hope symlinking the actual file-locations to the expected ones might solve my problem
14:18:11 <peikos> does anybody have any information that might help me?
14:22:52 <frozencemetery> on debian that package is called libcrypto++-dev; its upstream is [here](http://www.cryptopp.com/); I can't help except to check that you have the right one
15:21:02 <stepcut> peikos: hmmm
15:24:41 <stepcut> peikos: does  running cabal with -v yield anything useful ?
15:28:13 <stepcut> this site suggestions needed to uncomment some # CXXFLAGS += -fPIC line.. no idea why
15:28:54 <peikos> nothing new regarding cryptopp when running with -v
15:36:09 <stepcut> what happens if you just comment out the part of the .cabal file that says it needs cryptopp ?
15:37:27 <HugoDaniel> :)
15:37:55 <HugoDaniel> it would be nice if i could limit the max ammount of memory to be used by acid-state
15:38:04 <HugoDaniel> and then use something like sqlite when the limit is reached
15:49:37 <stepcut> :-/
15:49:53 <stepcut> We do need to investigate how to deal with very large data sets
15:50:16 <stepcut> i feel like doing replication and sharding first would help spawn a lot of ideas for that though
16:11:56 <HugoDaniel> oh cool
16:12:01 <HugoDaniel> yes, it could be related :)
16:20:24 <HugoDaniel> cool
16:20:33 <HugoDaniel> now i saw that there is a new version of acid-state
16:20:35 <HugoDaniel> amazing
16:22:18 <sm> HugoDaniel: how much memory is your acid-state using ?
16:36:36 <HugoDaniel> sm: not much :) i was just thinking about it
16:36:50 <HugoDaniel> i can check it
16:36:52 <HugoDaniel> wait
16:36:55 <HugoDaniel> lemme see
16:38:07 <HugoDaniel> the whole process (this is a yesod app) has 200M with 110M resident on memory
16:39:45 <HugoDaniel> this is a static site compiler with a web interface, so there are a few sites in memory, probably with some users changing them and publishing
16:40:17 <HugoDaniel> gotta go
16:40:23 <HugoDaniel> its party day today here in lisbon
16:40:25 <HugoDaniel> afk
16:43:43 <stepcut> alas, there needs to be another version of acid-state
16:44:05 <stepcut> I made a stupid error and one of the skipAuthentication things has the wrong type
16:44:15 <stepcut> which means the API version needs a bump :(
16:44:30 <stepcut> but, the new Remote stuff is pretty swell otherwise (I hope)
16:44:37 <stepcut> SSL and authentication support
16:44:45 <stepcut> I will make an announcement after I get that bug patched
16:48:01 <stepcut> someday I need to suck it up and switch the happstack universe to HSP 0.8
17:27:04 <donri> peikos: maybe it's called crypto++ on gentoo. cryptopp is the upstream preferred name
17:29:10 <donri> pkg-config --list-all | grep crypto
18:16:17 <donri> stepcut: "If you need an encrypted connection, see acid-state-tls." 404 http://hackage.haskell.org/package/acid-state-tls just not out yet?
19:51:48 <stepcut> donri: yeah, sorry about that
19:51:56 <stepcut> I need to patch acid-state 0.10 as well :-/
19:52:04 <stepcut> the source for acid-state-tls is on hub
19:52:26 <stepcut> http://hub.darcs.net/stepcut/acid-state-tls