08:53:55 <mm_freak> stepcut: http://hub.darcs.net/ertes/cascading
08:54:24 <mm_freak> if no further comments, i'll release
12:57:02 <Lemmih> stepcut: Your code doesn't work!
13:05:35 <Lemmih> acid-state-0.10.1 is out.
14:29:37 <mm_freak> donri: you may be interested, too
14:29:40 <mm_freak> http://hub.darcs.net/ertes/cascading
14:29:47 <mm_freak> and it's on hackage now
14:30:14 <donri> cool
14:32:41 <mm_freak> see Data.CSS for a full tutorial
14:50:30 <bergmark> how does this compare to clay?
15:25:15 <mm_freak> bergmark: i wasn't even aware of clay…
15:25:31 <mm_freak> looks like there is some feature overlap, but the overall designs are completely different
15:27:18 <mm_freak> also clay doesn't seem to follow the CSS spec as closely as i did
15:27:28 <mm_freak> for example clay exports outlineLeft, which doesn't exist
15:29:52 <mm_freak> on the other hand clay seems to solve a few things more elegantly than mine
15:35:07 <alpounet> would be nice if someone did a write up of the pros/cons of both libraries, to help people decide
15:37:16 <mm_freak> if you like monoids, use cascading
15:37:23 <mm_freak> =)
15:48:42 <bergmark> i'm more a semigroup kind of guy
20:56:23 <thetallguy2> Lemmih: which code of stepcut's doesn't work?