01:43:50 <sm> hey all
01:44:09 <sm> is hsp 0.8 the latest ? would anyone know why it has an older upload date on hackage ?
01:44:46 <sm> also which is the official repo these days ?
14:14:48 <sm> ah yes, 0.8 on hackage or the unreleased 0.8.1 in http://hub.darcs.net/nibro/hsp
14:34:20 <sm> stepcut: I'm having trouble figuring out the new HSP types in 0.8..
14:35:13 <sm> import HSP and the HSP XML type now become... ?
14:41:36 <sm> I think GenXML IO is the right type signature for my hsp templates now, it complains about No instance for (XMLGen IO) though