07:58:38 <Lemmih> Yikes, huge performance bug in cereal.
08:01:19 <Lemmih> Fetching a lazy bytestring would loop over each chunk and append them one-by-one.
08:02:36 <Lemmih> The fix made the benchmark run in a few seconds instead of roughly half an hour.
14:51:11 <stepcut> whoa
16:27:53 <levi> Nice.
18:31:20 <uniquenick> is scoutess affiliated with happstack or anything like that?
19:01:51 <stepcut> sort of
19:02:10 <stepcut> it was my idea and I wrote a lot of the code because I need something to help manage scoutess
19:02:16 <stepcut> I mean help manage happstack
19:02:29 <stepcut> now that cabal has sandboxes, we need to finish it off
19:02:47 <stepcut> but I am wrapping up some tasks with HSP and acid-state and sites that actually use Happstack at the moment
19:03:52 <uniquenick> is what exists right now supposed to work?