16:19:07 <jonkri> can html comments be used with hsp? also, is there some way hsp can allow for single quotes?
16:51:51 <jonkri> another hsp question: if i have a "ServerPartT IO XML" function, how can call and define a "pure" XML-generating function? what would be that functions type? (XML?)
16:53:19 <stepkut> in happstack-hsp we define an XMLGen instance for the Identity monad so you can have a function like:
16:53:31 <stepkut> foo :: Identity XML ; foo = <p>some HSP markup</p>
16:53:49 <stepkut> and then, (evalIdentity foo), would have the type XML
16:53:56 <stepkut> is that what you mean?
16:54:09 <stepkut> so you could have
16:54:17 <stepkut> foo = evalIdentity $ <p>wheeeee!</p>
16:54:36 <stepkut> and in your ServerPartT IO XML function you would have, bar = return foo
16:54:48 <jonkri> aha, ok!
16:54:58 <jonkri> yes, that would solve my problem :>
16:56:04 <jonkri> thanks
17:34:45 <jonkri> sorry, was disconnected
18:23:57 <jonkri> oh, nevermind that question :>
18:23:57 <jonkri> i didn't see the output because of a display: none :P
20:07:37 <kxra> stepcut: i'm officially starting my haskell learning adventure using learn you a haskell for great good
20:08:04 <kxra> stepcut: when i get better, i'd love to try porting gitit2 to the newest version of happstack
20:09:59 <sm> kxra: there's a gitit2 ?
20:10:43 <kxra> sm: https://github.com/jgm/gitit2
20:10:53 <kxra> uses yesod just for kicks
20:11:00 <kxra> even though jgm likes happstack
20:11:20 <kxra> and he said he doesn't have time to finish it in all likelihood, but it would be a good project for me to learn haskell to port it to the new happstack
20:15:53 <sm> is it much different from gitit 1 ?
20:16:29 <kxra> sm: leaner, cleaner, meaner? not totally sure. much prettier as it uses bootstrap for theming
20:17:36 <sm> nice
20:17:49 <sm> might be useful for darcs.net
20:18:55 <kxra> the darcs.net wiki
20:18:56 <kxra> yeah
20:19:06 <kxra> sm: it needs to be finished
20:19:09 <kxra> i'm feeling over eager
20:19:17 <kxra> idk how ling it will be before i can hack on it
20:19:27 <kxra> ACTION is very inexperinced
20:29:23 <sm> not to worry! :)
20:30:07 <sm> probably the hardest thing will be getting and keeping it installed and building :)
20:34:27 <kxra> sm: there are also a lot of fun things i wanted to implement https://github.com/jgm/gitit/issues?state=open
20:34:31 <kxra> oops
20:34:37 <kxra> https://github.com/jgm/gitit/issues/created_by/kxra?state=open
20:35:35 <kxra> jgm said they should be pretty doable with gitit2
21:37:26 <mm_freak_> any idea why gitit2 uses yesod instead of happstack?
21:38:33 <mm_freak_> sm: you can have project-specific wikis pretty easily with gitit, but that's gitit1…  i don't know about gitit2